Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That concludes that

Wednesday night, post race at hardwood chillin with Starbuck, who's bark gets louder as she gets older. I can be in the shower, with the fan on, at the front of the house and i can hear her barking in the backyard. She doesn't care that she is getting zapped by her bark collar she just keeps barking. Luckily she doesn't bark to to often but when she does you know it.

anyways, yesterday i got out for a nice ride on the road. Not too many days like that left. 15 sun, little wind.

today, more bike work, various things here and there, then headed out to hardwood for the race. Great night for it, warm the course was dry and hard and made for some quick lap times.

Jack and the velocity boys have said they intend to run the series again next year, be killer to start one week earlier and go one week later maybe? (thats just me thinking)

My brother has informed me that my baby has been sold, the mazda is great but there is no subsitute for a nice american sedan like the Lumina. To bad american car companies make nothing but garbage these days.

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