Thursday, October 29, 2009

oops forgot a title

So, thursday, woke up, it was foggy, waited till the fog lifted to ride. Fog continued to vary the few hours i was out on the bike, made for a dreary ride, but the weather is dry and relatively warm, 100% ride able so can't complain. Also saw a bunch of other cyclists out enjoying the last few decent ride days. Good ride, i took a cue from Peter and stuffed my pockets with steak, basically i do everthing Peter does just a day behind him.

Ran some errands i decided to be frugal and rent The Plan, but no blockbuster isn't renting it so i guess im forced to buy it.

dinner with the bro and mother, where they proceded to try and get me to get the servers phone number saying she was my type. which is funny cause i don't really have a type. Edit: Female is definitely the broad type, but past that no type,

Oh quick film review, MOON, very very very good, two thumbs up, its no Zombieland but a real thinker. Sam Rockwell stars in the lead role(s) with some Kevin Spacy "hal" like voice work. Not an action film or crazy drama, kinda a short film which makes you ask a lot of the future.

social interview questions on facebook are kinda creeping me out, got two semi, non hetero comments on two question in a matter of minutes,

so yeah, killer, stoked

"you know what the worst day of my life was? The day i met you and you put the idea in my head I could pilot a ship in space.
Tommy Lee Jones


Anonymous said...

What do you mean you have no type?!?! Isn't Spak your type?

Anonymous said...

so thats three non hetero comments i've gotten lately

Anonymous said...

Yes, him and SPAK had a ro-man-ce. But now that SPAK has moved on, Watson must as well.

Watch out single guys...who knows what's going on behind that crustache.

Anonymous said...

Losing Peter to 'the other EB' during their Euro romance and Spak to...oh I forget now, was it injury or mechanical?

Anyway tough summer for you.

I'm sure you'll always remember the inappropriateness of your final HAN lap.