Monday, October 26, 2009

Scary stuff

Probably the earliest monday morning ride i have ever done, 10 am. Usually Mondays are reserved for easy spins or an evening ride.

But all it took was Jacob to say the magic words and i was headed out to the copeland forrest for a ride with him and Brendan. Only have the singlespeed at the moment so i knew i was in for a hurting.

Took me a while to realize it was my first mtb ride since the last world cup a month ago. And i felt it especially on the fully rigid setup, i had to ride off the trail on a long downhill cause i just couldn't hold onto the bar and turn at the same time. How the hell did i ever race a bike with v-brakes and 63mm of travel? Kids these days are so spoiled. Discs, 100 mm forks..... or maybe we should all go back to that. that would be sweet retro racing, no discs, hardtails only, must weigh at least 25 lbs. think im on to something. i guess thats called cross racing.

anyways, good ride, after a slight navigational disagreement with Brendan we finsihed up by noon. Word is there is a couger or two running around in there, awesome.

got home, made some pizza's for lunch took starbuck for a long walk, well i walked as she sniffed every leaf that was on the ground. an explosion could have gone off but she would have continued to smell everything.

nap, unintentional, dinner,

now for the scary part, tonight is the new season of the most frightening show on television, i cringe and don't want to venture outside after watching it. Yes thats right Canadas worst driver.

frak it pisses me off how these people get there drivers licenses. Im sure they are nice people, but these are the people that cause major "accidents" who should never have gotten a license in the first place. I have zero respect for the canadian drivers licensing system. I think they give them out in cereal boxes. No car control, no idea what the driving laws are etc etc. Its another sad example of driving being a right of all canadians over 16, not a privilege to those who can actually drive a vehicle. frak.

quote of the day

"is this the trail?"

"If its not it should be"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen a few cougars in Copeland before. They're hard to spot, since they look a whole lot different in spandex than they do in bar clothes.