Saturday, October 3, 2009

Round 3

I awoke to sunshine and butterflies and kids playing. No actually i didn't not even close, when I woke up i was greeted with wind, rain, darkness. A great way to start the cross season i guess.

coffee, slow cook oats etc......

got to Duntroon at 11, first person i saw was Glassford i said a big hello to him, you know haven't seen him for a while. another exact quote.

"what do you want? I'm busy"

I dragged myself into registration, where the girls there commented on the fact it was my first cross race. I heard that a lot today.

Got pined up, watched the juniors start, good size field. A bunch of the jetpower kids were there, I'm going to start calling them the power rangers. Varga is the red ranger, cause he was my favourite and Dan won Epping so he gets dibs on that.

I headed out on the road for a good 25 minutes of warmup, really nice thing about that venue is that you can get out on a nice country road to warmup on.

The rain had stopped the sun was breaking through and wind was out of the south and pretty warm.

Saw many of the usual suspects, Box, Chown, Hines, Stafford.

Hit the course, it was a little slick here and there but i could tell it was drying up. I really only have (currently) one set of good tubulars mounted up, A less aggresive dry tread design, so i was glad the weather was favourable. But ill be ready for whatever toronto dishes out this year.

Took in some of the junior/womens race, good show lots out racing, Amanda was there won her race, Red ranger was second to Sam Rykoff in the junior race.

Got lined up, small field i think 8 guys. the first lap prime was announced, i had more of my "nam" esque type flashbacks to 2007. Promised myself i wouldn't go for it from the gun. Stafford took the lead first, i stuck on his wheel best i could, he was cornering a lot better than me. I think Nathan was behind me. about 3/4 of the way around i passed Jared and put in an effot on the runup, hur like hell, but i opened a bit of a gap, which was opened up more when Jared when down on the 180 down/up.

Now the decision, do i continue and try to open the gap up then, or do i settle down and file back into the group. On a sunny, warm, day i would have done just that. But with the weather being unpredictable and being on dry tires i wanted as big a lead as possible in case of rain. Nathan and Jarred were both on mud treads, not saying its all the tires but.....rhino's compared to griffo's on off camber and greasy corners, yeah I wanted a buffer. I was 100% and was putting in a couple seconds a lap for the first few laps. Nathan and Jarred appeared stuck to each other, which wasn't good for me. One good attack by either of them and i'd be done. About halfway through it started to open up a little more, until i had at least a minute from what i could tell.

I really started to get into a groove on the corners, and run up, the drying course helped no doubt. I settled into a nice high "tempo".

Nearing the end of my laps i headed up the hill and saw exatcly what i saw in calgary in 04 (watch off road to athens) a big wall of black coming over the escarpment. Again flasbacks of rivers, hail, lightning, dopers flying up hills etc. I managed to finish just in time to hear the siren on the adjacent golf course going off warning the golfers to get off the course. Funny we don't have a similar system in cycling.

Nathan and Stafford had a good battle for second with Nathan taking him by a couple bike lengths. Don't even want to think about the next couple years with Jarred. Its gonna hurt I think.

Got changed, awards, Peter was in a better mood by the end.

They even made up a 3x winners jacket just in case, they refrained from telling me before probably a good thing.

Molly was scared of the rain and jumped in our van, i think she was just scared of Matt and wanted to come home with Starbuck.

Awesome race, hats off to the HBCC and all those that helped, the course gets better every year, its a shame more GTA folk don't get up to do it. As my mom says you'd think they'd want to get out of the city and see some scenery.

Ride home was long, had to go look at houses in rob roy and singhampton and a couple other places in the middle of nowwhere.

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