Thursday, October 15, 2009

post away

Peter i just changed it so you can post anonymously and anyone else.

As Box has pointed out the weekend is turning into a canada cup mtb race
"This is turning into an Canada Cup MTB race; Watson, Zandstra,
Garrigan, Jette, that 13 year old who rides for Norco...."

so you better get on a bike or you'll miss all the fun,


Anonymous said...

Re 2 Down
Andrew didn't you mean to say "It's a viscious CYCLE sometimes" Teehee

Scotty J

Peter G said...

enjoyable, the name and link is even enough, not sure you have option on annonomous though

... i'll be there to tell matt where to point ... it won't be at a bike ... you won't need it

instead we will point at the sun which will be very warm ... and perhaps at the podium, which I debate on the canada cup ... ocup perhaps but all listed riders are ontario ... do not exclude the west or the east or the north