Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pile up

So, tonight headed out to hardwood for the 3rd evening cross race. The weather was a little on the nasty side. Numbers were down a little, just the hardcore's out tonight. Lined up at the back of the first wave. Glenn started us and, raced, i think thats a conflict of interested but ill let it go i guess.

Warming up the course was in good shape some corners were faster than ever. Coming into the corkscrew you can usually rail it pretty good, luckily i wasn't at the front and sure enough 3 guys all slid out at the same time. I would have done the exact same thing, from the time we lined up to the time we hit the course it was already getting muddy, every lap got a little worse.

Settled into a group. Feeling the effects of the weekend a little i think. It was a battle between Brendan and myself, and Sean Kelly, who unleashed a nice attack, took me a few seconds to realize he was finishing, it really had me going.

Im pretty sure Brendan was stronger than me tonight. but i was able to mentally break him with the look and get a few seconds gap. He is getting closer every week, i think next week is going to be an insane battle.

One more week, im thinking -2 and little snow would be fun.

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Anonymous said...

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