Monday, October 5, 2009


yep, like the title says its monday. Been busy this morning finishing building a new wheelset, putting some layers of glue on them and the rhino's. Washing the bikes from Saturday. The garage is a mess, my room is a mess, its that changing of the season and gear i tell you.

The weather is just like it has been for the past week, off and on rain. With some scattered sun.

I've also begun prepping for a 15 km trail running race on october 25th. Its a shame i guess that means i can't go camping. Went for a 5 km run/jog/walk yesterday, really only did 15 minutes of running in 5 minute "intervals" Im really looking forward to it, its nice to have something a little different to focus on in october.

Oh so yesterday, filled with shopping madness, first got some spokes and glue from the shop, and talked some smack. The went to the mall, it was insane you'd think it was christmas, didn't by anything. Went to shoppers to pick up some newly available Aleve. I think it will come in handy with all this running. Then cleard the store out of chocolate powerbar protein bars at 50 cents each. So stoked.

This is a wicked clip, im pumped i get to race some of these guys next weekend. Which reminds me should register for that. Same plan survive the Formula one race day one, and kill it day 2.

Ill be ready for the off camber muddy grass this year too.

Tonight some monday night madness,


Kyle Fry said...
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Kyle Fry said...

There needs to be an apostrophe between the 'n' and the 's' in "watsons"

you're welcome.

Big Mike said...

I am pretty sure the order of the UCI races has changed. You might want to prepare to kill it on day one.

Kevin Watson said...

+1 on what Mike said: hills are Saturday, flats are Sunday this year.