Saturday, October 31, 2009

Low side Rhino test

Up today was Kelso day 1, which is run on the lower(wetter) side of the two completely separate courses that the speed river guys do here. And yes this makes it my first chance to ride and race my new rhino's.

backing up, i woke up at 7:30 looked out and it was still dark, awesome. Got some coffee going and got my camera all ready for some picture taking. Sure enough the team photographer and Support crew pulled the plug today cause it wasn't a nice day to watch a race. Solo mission today.

Got down there by 11:00 ish, got signed in and took some pics of the junior's and m2's before getting back to the car to pin some numbers and get dressed.

Highlight of the M2 race was looking left, to have Rick crash from the right and slide basically to my feet. It took all my willpower to not take a picture of him laying there looking up at me. He was alright i think.

Its official i am the worst shoulder number pinner in history, frack i suck. The back number no problem. anyways.

Did one lap that was enough for me, the rhino's were good on the flat greasy corners and it was muddy. Finished my warmup on the pavement around the park.

Lined up, started got through the first corner fine second wheel, Jared went really wide on the first set of 200 degree corners, they were tricky. I got past there and just kinda hammered. I thought yeah i feel good i can keep this up. By the end of the first lap i had a good gap to Jared and Nathan, right about the time i realized wow, i can't go that hard for another 52 minutes. The course was deceptivly energy sapping. Pure power course and i realized i really needed to pace this a little bit. The hardest part of the course was the runup, which came after a long gradual slog up some long soggy grass. Basically, i boiled it down to tempo, tempo, tempo, trot up the climb anything above that and i would explode with that run up.

I put a little bit of time into Jared who put some time into Nathan every lap. With those conditions, it really was just about who could put out the most amount of Kilojoules in an hour. The corners were slick but you came into them pretty slow so nothing to hard.

Nearing the end of the race i started getting some chainsuck(don't worry just paint, the frame is fine, in case there is anyone reading this that may worry....) had to back pedal a couple times, and try to use my big ring as much as possible. Of course the first race in a year i haven't had my spare bike setup, and I almost needed it.

By the last couple laps the race was mostly decided barring a mechanical, so I put a limiter on the effort to try and save some legs for tommorow. I walked the last runup to the taunting of Mike Dennis and Rick Meloff. That was were i was counting my laps too.

awards good, won beer, never a bad thing. In the fridge chilling as i type. Tommorow is looking good(dry)

Rhino's good, especially on any slick corners, no offcamber but i bet they will shine there as well.

Spent a good 2 hours cleaning, those muddy saturday double weekends are a little nasty sometimes.

ok then,

there are some little free loaders coming to door now,

"Zach its a little hard to draft me when i'm behind you"

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Martin said...

Hey Andrew

Here are a couple of quick video clips from Day 1 @ Kelso.

Just after the start:

& around the corner near the mudflats: