Friday, October 16, 2009

king of the hill

Morning, passport photo, paid 8.50, im told that was a good deal. came back, lunch, bicycle ride making sure the aforementioned bicycle is in good working order. It is.

some videos of the night race at HH on matts blog, his lady friends commentary is good. Truly is a silly sport

Sunday night is Stephen King night on family guy, should be good. Can't wait to see there take on Stand by me.

tommorow, relaxing morning, don't race till 4 which means i won't be home till after my bed time. Greg Reain is racing sunday, thats cool,

i find it funny that the whole balloon boy thing is a hoax, hasn't the father ever seen the simpsons episode when bart falls down the well. Yeah, or the story of the boy and the wolf,

Just found this pretty good .

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