Saturday, October 10, 2009

In between year

After spending the morning slaving over a hot stove preparing my world famous chili for the potluck yesterday, i managed to get out for a spin on the cross bike to make sure it was all ready for todays race.

Good times last night, Liz's birthday, im pretty sure i brought the best gift. Got home and got some sleep.

Before i left for the race this morning i made my picks for nationals also taking place today,

women: Sydor
U23 men: Guthrie,
Men: St John, basically thinking that Kabush's race just hard enough to win strategy would result in a last lap flat opening it up.

loaded up, hit the road long drive mainly cuase of people driving 60 in 80 zones.

Got there, it was back to the original side of heber downs, course map said it was the "better" side. This was the side that 3 years ago was flooded and the whoel course was under water.

But it was nice and sunny so that was good. Got registered, didn't see too many names sign in. Box, Chown, Velotaku(sp?) were all in attendance. Warmed up, hit the course for a lap, 4 barriers, 1 natural double tree barrier, 4 mud sections and 1 river crossing. Made for an interesting course. Nothing really tech about it, biggest threat was hitten rocks and puncturing.

Got started settled into a group of four , Box, Chown, Smith. Issac led until he flatted after a lap, bummer. Box, chown and myself fell all over place exchanging the lead for a lap. I wanted to take the lead and see what would happen with a clear course. Pulled out to pass Nathan, he wasn't having any of it. And matched my acceleration, tried again, same thing, damn roadies and there ability to change speeds repeatedly. Knew i had to punch it 100%. Came by and made it stick before the long basically singletrack section. Got a bit of a gap. I couldn't match Nathans power in the pud sections, but the turns i could hold him off and make a little time up.

Kept it up till the finish, was able to settle in nice at the end. Im feeling good, about 98.9%. Talked myself into racing tommorow in Toronto, to try and get that little extra bit of form before the johnson, powers beat down.

Made it home spent a while cleaning and getting the bike ready for tommorow, which is a good thing cause it wouldn't have been touched before wednesday otherwise.


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