Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im going to keep todays post a little more upbeat cause i apparently made a few readers a little depressed last night.

So today, i headed out alone, into the cold easterly wind, with a little bit of that low hanging october sun, on my bike, for long ride. With nothing but the shifting of gears, and that buzz of my tires going over the new pavement in Oro to keep my wind from wondering......ok yeah that even makes me depressed reading it.

No, it was a good ride, headed out and discovered they have paved 20/21 and the 1st line south of old barrie, must have been the past couple days cause the shoulder was just getting graded while i was riding on it today. It was a really nice fall day for a ride, dry, really all you can hope for this time of year. Came back and passed by my tracks left in innisfil street last week. Looks like they may have rolled it over with a steam roller but you can still clearly see the nice 23 mm wide line in the pavement.

Legs feel ok, really its going to be a mental game the next couple days getting ready for the weekend. Good chat with Matt P, who will be there to hand me a spare bike if needed or at least point to it and say "theres your bike." Possibly have the prescence of pete glassford to give me tips on pelvic tilt angles.

Morning, Starbuck, what do you hear?

Nothin' but the rain.

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