Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good bad,

Good, got a really good endurance road ride in today, with power, the bad, not surprisingly it started pissing rain, and now ill have to dry out my powertap for another week.

I think it has rained every day since i've been home. Gotta be a new record.

But did get a really good ride in. The legs feel good. Thanks to Kyle Fry for proofreading my new title. I thought a new extreme title would give the blog a little more pop. I'm up to about 100 unique hits a day, not to shabby for talking about next to nothing.

I hear that if you get free stuff and do reviews on it on your blog you can get in trouble if you don't declare it. News to me, you can get free stuff for doing reviews on it? mmmm I would love to do a review on some carbon tubulars. swabag@hotmail.com e-mail me for my shipping address.

well those should be arriving any day now. Ill be sure to declare them.

In the midst of all the crazyness, media, interviews following to the hillbilly i forgot to thank Norco for setting me up with the bikes for the season. So thank you Mr. Norco and Kevin Haviland. Is there a Mr. Norco, i don't know. a quick search and i found this guess there was never was a mr Norco, damn thats really bugging me now why is the company named that.

Just registered for the UCI toronto races, on the 17th and 18th.

well im probably repeating myself a little

found all these sports quotes just going to use them.

"Most people race to see who is the fastest, I race to see who has the most guts."

Steve Prefontaine

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velotaku said...

Well, according to the Norco TNT review from the Aug 1994 Mountian Bike Action (I do not know what is scarier, that I remembered the issue that the review appeared in or was able to locate it in 30 secounds) "Norco...insisted that Norco stood for Northern Cycle Products..."

Also FYI (from the review), the 1994 Norco team was headed by Andy Tout. Maybe if you raced with an alligator horn on your bar you could get your name in MBA.