Monday, October 12, 2009

Flying monkey - Creemore springs - Flying monkey

The fall classic ride, my 2nd time out. Start from downtown Barrie ride to Creemore sample, ride home. That was the plan for today. A little chilly in the a.m. and i had to pull myself out of bed but the thought of being able to ride with real people, not just the voices in my head im there. I also heard rumours of an SNPD coach coming out to keep our pelvices in line and making us stop to do some crossfit partway through....but i guess it was just a rumour.

Picked up Scott, got to fred grant, had a quick hot bevy at second cup, and headed out with 8 or 9 of us, something like that. Good ride there, some good gravel, mud, riding in angus passing some construction. Tristan almost crashed us all out when he ejected from his pedal at the cashtown sign sprint.
Samples were good, but Scott and I couldn't linger too long, he had to catch a flight and i was his ride home, plus he had my bike and some gear. So we headed out while the others had coffee. At Cashtown corners. Coming through Angus we stopped for a quick pickup, where i got to see a pregnant teenage girl smoking, near the gas pumps, then butt it out at the gas pumps, classic.

Made it back in good time, thanks to long pulls by Scott. My legs are feeling a little heavy after the past two days.

Got home, realized i just needed some sleep, slept ate food, watched dexter, now chillin and typing.

looks like field of dreams is on soon, 20 year anniversary, gets better as i get older.

Zombieland thursday it looks good, stay tuned for a review.

Tommorrow, some cleaning and organizing, light ride.

Wednesday evening 30 min cross race under some lights, hopefully one or two more lights this week, also sounds like the juniors will be starting with the seniors, should be good.

If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat.
-Herschel Walker

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

wanted to come but drove to barrie day prior (copeland w/hbcc) also still sick and it was cold and only have a mtb, which normally wouldn't stop me but like i say not at the top of my game so it would be a risky endeavor

peter g