Friday, October 23, 2009

a few more posts

So you'll notice below i have listed some stuff for sale. I've also linked it on the right side of the blog. Need to make room for new stuff and raise some capital. spread the word if you know anyone looking for some good stuff at great prices.

while working on the bikes, i found a bunch of grass sticking out of my rear tubular from the weekend. so thats two tires rolled, awesome so im reglueing that. Saw Annabelle Langlois yesterday at blockbuster. She picked up Cutting edge and Blades of glory, (no i actually don't know what she got. that would be creepy if i did)

I finished off deadwood season 1, started really well, a great HBO series just like Rome with a similar feel and style. But it kinda faded near the end of the season. Great acting, some of the best tv character acting i have seen since the x-files.

so yeah, good stuff,

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peter g said...

you stole this post topic from me

today i tried to sell your spiro to a lady who smokes but also sings well ... she is starting not to sing so good ... so spiro (and mabey stop smoking)