Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 2 the “I don’t know what the hell everyone is talking about that’s harder than the hill side” course

Lather rinse repeat,

Up, actually yeah didn’t go for a spin this morning, all the food was the same, load up, drive down to the course.

Got there, got changed and headed over to do the usual pre race socializing, Realized that St Johns “garneau” glasses are the exact same as my Ryders glasses, we argued about who copied who almost came to blows but Natasha broke it up.

Signed in Brad Day said yeah same call up order as yesterday, I thought we’ll at least I didn’t get moved back. 3rd row isn’t too bad. Watched the womens start good racing, closer than yesterday. Warmed up on the gravel road for a bit before getting onto the race course for a few laps of it.

Got called up became clear I did get bumped back as I was suddenly 4th row…interesting but ill leave it there. Matt was there to tell me to suck it up. Start was ok, it wasn’t as good as yesterday was more or less on the slower moving side around the first corner. Grabbed some wheels and just settled in until the pace settled a bit. Lost a good chunk of time the first lap. The Cannondale trio rode off the front and never let up.

I was riding with DZ and KD for a bit, moved past kept the hammer down, DZ stuck on but going around a fast left he slid out. I didn’t know that at the time, next corner a right onto some pavement I slid out under the tape. KD came by laughed, he knew me and DZ weren’t going to make it so he backed off. Smart.

Got going again, made the pass again, thought if I crashed again in from of Kyle I would never hear the end of it, I was able to keep it upright. Bridged up to Bakker, it appeared there was two chase groups ahead, it was a big gap to the Batty group, with Schooler, and Trace. Got by Osmond and found myself chasing in no mans land first time this weekend. Took me about 2 and half laps to catch on. Again 3/4of the matches were then gone.

Sat on for a lap, there were riding pretty strong and I was all over my bike just trying to hang on. Schooler pulled off and it was down to the three of us, Batty, Trace and myself. The group infront was putting some more time into us, well me. Mark asked me to come by, may or may not have been snooty, I was getting tired, but I came by and put in a good effort, I actually opened a gap. That was short lived as I fell on a right hander again. Of course Emily was standing right there. Basically gravity took over and I was on the ground. Mark and Trace repassed me. At this point I was just hoping to stay out of the way. Just then a squirrel jumped in front of mark and I thought it was going to take him down.

Trace attacked good on the last lap, I moved past mark, and put in all I could but we just strung out a few seconds each and more of less stayed there to the Finnish.

I ended up 9th, a lot better than last year, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Lyne Bessette said good work on yesterday didn’t know who it was cause her glasses covered half her face. Turns out she was 4th women in the Toronto marathon today. Damn.

Got interviewed by Colts dad for cycling dirt, totally started hand talking again.

Frack, I’ve tried three times to upload the pics to facebook, keeps failing, man im getting grumpy.

Post race brews with Matt P, Jer, Tammy, Pete, Tim, Noble well he watched us drink. While yelling at the M1’s to go faster, its true its very easy to say it while watching.

Big thanks again to all my support for the weekend.

Spak won his category today at Hardwood, good stuff.

“tired now”

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