Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday, i headed down to Woodbridge to see Kevin and pick up the new "A" ride for the season a CCX SL. more on that later. When I left Barrie it was 4 and raining and I could swear it was almost snowing.

When i got down to the city(yes woodbridge is still toronto) it was 10 and sunny, crazy. Anyway, got back had coffee with matt, i got crazy and instead of my usual "cheap" americano, i spurged and got a pumpkin spice latte, not bad. Was it worth 4 bucks, no.

I then headed out in the pissing rain for a workout on the cross bike, the ccx 1. I needed to do some fiddling and modifying of the SL before i could ride that.

Getting back into the groove, i have a nice loop over in a simcoe county forrest not to far away. A couple run ups, some flat and some well placed logs to jump over.

This morning i got to work on the bike, getting it all measured up. Then headed out on it, again in the pissing rain, actually today it was raining harder for sure. Hit the same loop but i was turning a lot better, i was running the exact same wheels, tires, pressure and position as the ccx 1, but damn the SL was slicing around stuff, and with a scandium frame and full carbon fork, its very light. If you got slightly silly there would be no problem getting it to 15 lbs. Really silly and it could be very under the limit.

Got home and started measuring and sure enough the wheelbase is 25mm shorter, and im pretty sure the headtube is steeper than the ccx 1. Now the 1 is a sick bike, and perfect for the everyman. But if racing is your game i'd look into the SL. I apologize if im plugging, but i was really impressed when i rode it today. I can't wait to race it tommorow.

Weather is reminicent of two years ago at this race. I have a lot of pressure on me to win, and it would appear that a certain young whipper snapper is coming out of the blocks pretty quick in his first year as a senior.

It sounds like Peter has been putting his heart and soul into this race, he cut the grass on the over under in the RAIN. crazy.

"imagine banjo music playing"

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