Saturday, October 24, 2009

200th post

And to celebrate you all win a prize, yes, you all get to continue reading my ramblings.

Today was semi productive, got my Faze 1 almost fully built up and ready to sell. Went for a ride, dropped off some more deadwood, second season has started well. Stopped by the shop which is quickly becoming basically a Tim Hortons for local cyclists. Hang out talk politics, business, MEC, all that stuff. Oh and picked up some more glue, im looking into buying into Continental or Vittoria stock the way im going through it.

Long way there, long way back wasn't really out there for anything in particular.

And yes i am not taking in any competitions this weekend.

Speedriver kelso races will be attended for sure. One more wednesday at hardwood as well.

The Plan comes out tuesday and with that in mind brings the quote of the day

may have written this previously but its some of my favourite dialogue from the show.

"....they'd force the foxes towards the river"

"So what would the foxes do?"

"Half would turn and fight, the other half would try to swim across. But my uncle told me about a few that would swim halfway out, turn with the current and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore just swimming"

"Because they wanted to drown"


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