Sunday, September 6, 2009

white sunday

So today we did the 4th annual Awenda Labour day sunday ride. last year was rough,

I was up early on the bike, dressed light for the afternoon temps but it was still about 13 degress on the way down to freddy g's. When i got there i guzzled a quick double shot at casa, and met up a couple minutes after 8, were pretty casual about the start times.

3 others came out, Peter, a Surgeon, Orrin an engineer type, and Jamie a gradeschool teacher, everything you need on a ride to keep it interesting. A couple other riders arrived, not sure if they even planned to ride with us, but they started to get there bikes together out of the car. I guess didn't like the look of us packed up and left. huh.

Headed straight north, passed the gravitational vortex of pooles road and old second. A piece of gravel that i always enjoyed wasn't gravel anymore, bummed about that.Not an epic ride without gravel. Good chats, some good ideas for the club for next year. maybe, we'll see. Hit champlain road called Matheson who was supposed to meet up for a ride. No answer i think he was still sleeping.

Stopped at the store for refreshments in the park, i'd post pictures from my phone, but its only a phone and doesn't take pictures, or work as a gps, or tell me where the closest mexican restaurant is, its just a phone, i can talk on it.

I was on the front for a good portion on the way up with the tailwind, which was ok with me as that meant i could sit on the back for the headwind, right?

Left the park, headed to tiny beaches road, Jamie sketched us out on purpose, good thing i trust him or i would have given him a piece of my mind..... nice rolling scenery, came back through phelpston, i found myself on the front. nuts, finished on Wilson uphill into a headwind after 160 km. Wicked.

Second cup for a brownie and coffee, as according to peter it quardruples glycogen synthesis, or something like that. (Pete is selling a 56 cm trek xo1 cross bike, everyone should have a cross bike(even if its a Trek) )

back home up mapleton for hopefully the last time for a couple weeks. Home steak, potatoes, ferris buelluers day off in HD.

A super solid group ride, still pushed over 3900 kj, over 183 km most KJ's i've done in a group even on 200km plus rides, solid.

up next, mtb ride tommorow, then pack and fly to Zurich, open a swiss bank account, then kill it at the last two world cups.

.....Jamie had the quote of the day, but i have to pull a Matt P and not tell you.

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