Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thats all folks

Well i called it today officially at 12:06 p.m. when i was almost falling over climbing a monstrous fifty foot peak. The MTB season is finished for me. This weekend will be totally by ear literally, my right ear still feels funny after not popping on the way down from the glacier on sunday. Still lots of mucous, and just feeling off balance.

With no day of for the squeezer thats out, so its looking like if I feel ok Saturday ill head down for the Speedriver Cross on Sunday in Guelph. Ill keep you posted on that(Tim) thinking its 50/50 right now.

It was a great season, i pushed myself pretty hard in a few races and learned a lot about my own limits.

highlights thinking back in point form.

-Dragging Alison Sydor from Paris to Ancaster, and have her compliment my gravel road technical skills in a interview.

-Hanging on for dear life at the mainsfield road race, watching Cam fall over.

-Getting back on a hardtail after many years at Albion and realizing how much i love it.

-Having a good steave neal race at Baie st paul and starting the season with a 2nd

-racing tremblant on a hardtail, wondering if the previous statement was still valid

-hitting the ground insanly hard at hardwood, my jaw is still hurting, but got in a shimano wheel ad from that race with dirt on my chin.

-winning my first c-cup in a few years in Edmonton,

-awesome trip to Canmore with the Jetpower crew, buzzing Kabush's tire multiple times

-surviving another wet bromont race, gong show

-getting to watch the elite mens race at nationals in a front row seat.

-sick again for st anne second year in a row

-bromont, good race discovered the magic of the Kenda Nevegals

-leading mountainview, long flat change, finished with 15 psi and still won somehow

-finally winning a 10 person 24 hour, happy tears for sure

-insane provincials race, last half lap was crazy still not sure what the hell happend

-Champery, good race again, now hold the canadian record for most passes in a world cup

-schladming, awesome trip, a little zapped for the race, easy come easy go,

Now get my cross legs on, T.O. UCI races will be the focus.

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...and the TO UCI TT