Saturday, September 26, 2009

still hurting

Well its Saturday and although im feeling marginally better, its marginal.

Yesterday, i built up my MTB and cleaned it up a bit, then headed to starbucks for a coffee with Matt, who kept saying he had to get back to work, but then continued to talk. more on that later.

Got home, dressed and headed out on the cross bike for some easy riding and some skills practice, or skills totally relearning.

This morning i got up early and headed to Hardwood for the fall 8 hour. I knew a few people racing so i thought i would lend my support, and by support i mean stand around and talk to them so they miss there hand off. I almost made it to the start, but just missed it.

As i rolled up i noticed the Norco truck was there, Havy was holding out on me. He built a 4 man team and didn't even consider me. burn. No, just jokes, good to see him.

I wandered a bit, saw Molly so i went over and gave her some attention, A nice lady was nice enought to warn me that she likes to kiss a lot. Turned out to be Matts Mom, she was there feeding him during his solo effort. She gave me crap for keeping Matt from working on Friday (shes his boss)

Saw Ben sorry "The King". He was flirting with a cute girl at the cash register inside. interesting. Had a coffee, listened to Jack Sasseville and him banter back and forth.

After watching Havy kill a lap in his big ring, then do a super smooth cross dismount(seriously, leg through and everything) i headed back to Barrie.

I had an autograph session at the shop. Turns out I'm the XTR wheel model in the Shimano International wheel catalogue.(Im actually on the same page as Denis Menchov) The funny thing is it was taken at the Hardwood Canada Cup right after i ate it, and you can see all the dirt and red mark on my chin. Chris and Jeremy had me feeling pretty good, then Rob Butler walked in, i couldn't match the fact he had his own tv show. Dammit hes such a nice guy too it was tough but i conceded that he was more famous than me.

I then rode home.

the end

Im not racng tommroow, sorry Tim, i need to get this out of my system. Kelso double ill be there. I promise, right here publicly.

Just got TMN so that i can watch Dexter in HD tommorow night. Now that BSG is gone, its probably the new number one show in my books.

im going to try and not ride for a couple days (probably will break down though)

Next saturday is the Hillbilly Hustle/Ontario Masters of cyclocross, ill definetly be there, hopefully racing.

"please do not mount your bicycle until you are through the transition"

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