Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running up that hill

Well can’t say im not glad that’s over. Crazy hard race, over 200 meters of climbing in a sub 20 minute lap, imagine 4 climbs up Kelso in a shorter lap. Add in some sniffles, and zapped legs and it was a world of hurt start to finish of lap 4.

I actually got a good start, was nicely placed, held my position, if not moved up, but on the second main climb I could feel my legs starting to st anne itize. From there it was just damage control, kept my head down and tongue out. Gave some fellow Canucks some good pushes as they came by me, donated some cytomax to Eric. Who later snapped his chain, wanted to ask if he needed something but there was a photographer right there taking pics of him.

Found some guys to just follow around, tried to get on Glassfords wheel after he made an awesome Cole trickle pass on me, but couldn’t. (pass of the year)

I knew I was getting pulled, 2nd time this year, bummed about that, but I know I gave it everything I had, so I get a participation medal right? Grabbed a red bull, it was solid.

Post race was crazy busy as usual racing at 2:30 by the time your done its dinner time so It was a scarmble to shower and pick up Laura from her post and head to the winterkarten for dinner.

Had to carry Laura about a km back to the hotel, crazy good crossfit workout. Only one 1 minute break to tighten my belt.

Back to the room for some “snacks”. Then off to after party. I can’t really talk about it here. It was insane, ask me in person for stories. Thought we would try to close it down, didn’t happen I think the place just never closed down.

A couple hours sleep, breakfast, then a really really, good meeting with Dan talking about the national team program, first time I have ever heard about some of the stuff that is super confusing when you read about it online.

Then another mad rush to head up to the Dachstein glacier. Spectacular. Again im not a nature, scenery guy but oh boy it was nice. Once I get home ill post up a nice post trip report with photos and video’s.

Heading out early tomorrow morning through Germany, it will be my first time in that country even if it just an hour stop. Then to Zurich for the evening before flying home Tuesday morning. So until Tuesday don’t expect to hear anything (mom), just assume all is good, having a good time. And if you happen to be my mother and your reading this please don’t lock me out of the house. Mike G is giving me a lift home with Mitch.

“I want to be Samuel Schultz”
Anonymous current senior elite world champ

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Kyle Fry said...

i watched 'Taken' the other night, don't share a cab with anyone in Europe.