Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, as the kids are heading back to school, i'm heading back to the world of world cup racing. The past couple days have been a treat to end out the summer here. Yesterday i dragged my tired legs out to get hammered by the Monday nighters it was the afternoon so i was suffering from jet lag of sorts. We rode in the copeland so lots of hills especially to start. Good ride took them to the berms with the aid of the garmin. Then race back via 93 to jeremy's/tammy's for BBQ. Pulled in and got settled in the most comfortable chair ever made. I'm planning a home invasion to steal that chair. Also a lot of things suddenly clicked and made sense last night. Thats all im going to say.......

Good conversations regarding over prescribed medications, cycling and a total geek out session between Jer, Liz and Matt, talking about "ceder strip" canoes, and MSR tents, and titanium sporks, and all this stuff. I now know what it feels like to hang out with cyclists talking about gear. I found it humourous.

Today, got a lot of packing done, i think i have about 90lbs of bike stuff and 10 lbs of clothes. And one book. Yeah, tires, spare parts, add up in weight.

Got some last minute things at wal mart, always good to see the wal mart crowds the day after a holiday you'd think it was closed for a month.

Dinner, tuesday nighter(airstream), good ride, getting short. Too short a couple weeks ago i'd still be riding right now. Jamie and I led out Orrin but Orrin didn't get the memo.

again i would love to quote Jamie but i can't, ask me and ill tell you but i can't publish it.

So flying out at 6 p.m. or 18:00 hours as my ticket says. Im less excited than I should be for some reason. I don't know why, its looking like our accomodatin will have intereweb so hopefully i can update with some photos, stealing moms camera, shhhhh don't tell her till i leave.

Thanks to Kevin and Matt P at Norco for getting a solid care package together, And to everyone for the well wishes and the "go fracking kill" ems, those are always good.

In case i don't have interweb, i'd like to wish my Norco teamates good luck at crank the shield. Also Jamie and Orrin will be taking it on as a team, look out for the Barrie CC/Bikeland duo, especially on the rail trail day 2, they will be trucking.

Also to spakle heading into a 24 hour in Michigan,

i think thats about it.

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Matt Spak said...

Do they consider that hair lip a carry on?? Kill it, we'll be watching.