Thursday, September 17, 2009

its thursday i think

so, a couple days and a couple rides later. Schladming is easily the nicest town in Europe i have seen.

The course is good, the weather is good, the food is good, pretty much all is good,

i rode the course yesterday, flatted twice, found out a valve cap can hold ten psi to get you back
to town.

I guess i ruined a moment with the team meeting Absalon, my bad,

Laura smoked her ankle, too much Juice not enough milk is my theory.

Rode up along side a river today and ended up where i was on the road a couple days ago.

feel good, kinda stuffed up though, too much time with derek and amanda.

Peter came for a ride today and almost crashed us all to show us a big thing of nutella, it was worth it, i won't deny it.

Im wondering if the internet is down in Winnipeg?

There is some facebooks censorship going on,

Squeezer is sanctioned, damn tough call, Tim puts on a wicked race in Guelph, and i can win beer. i think its a question for the 8 ball.

again lots of good quotes but i can't publish them,

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Speed said...

There's even more beer this year! Cross it up!!!!!!

Hope you can make it to our little race.

Your friends at Speed River CC