Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If its good enough for a Governor

So first before i forget we are staying at a hotel that Arnold Swarznegger(sp?) stays at while hes in country. Theres a whole case full of his family christmas photos, the manager was pretty stoked to tell us about it all.

Backing up a couple days i was able to put down my best euro world cup race and finish 44th. The start was crazy i was able to miss all the pileups but i was hindered a lot and finished the start loop 106, about 30 spots back from where i had started. I put my game face on and just started cranking it. Passed when i could, forgot what lap i was on, and just figured i'd stop when someone told me too. Lots of passes, i hammerd the climb the best i could Dan said he didn't want to see anyone comfortable on the climb, rode it faster after he said that i think. I had some good lap times a 24th and an 18th, last lap, though to be fair i basically averaged high endurance the first few laps in traffic so i had a lot of energy left at the end when the course started to clear a little.

the next 24 hours were crazy, dinner, pack the bike, pack the bag, wake up at 5:20 spend 14 hours travelling by train, get yelled at by angry austrian's, get in, sleep.

Im feeling pretty wasted at the moment, not sure if im tired or getting sick, or sick and tired. Got out for a decent ride today, legs were ok, but just not feeling well overall.

Staying in the same hotel as the specialized team as well, Matt P would be in heaven looking at every nut and bolt on Burry and Wells bikes.

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