Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yesterday good ride around snow valley, plus road the new rode(Stu you love it) that connects the snow valley highlands and wilson drive, Basically its carson road extended but its called seadon road, very nice, wide, nice valley in the middle, will actually be a nice loop now avoiding part of wilson drive. It actualy follows a bunch of double track we used to mtb on years ago, used to be a good loop but now its full of 1000 square foot bungalows with 3 car garages, kinda weird.

wednesday night i headed out to hardwood to watch the last wednesday night of the year, normally i would have stayed home with my feet up Spak style but, i got my camera ready to watch this.

Maverick, Goose and Iceman, taking on the cranked course trying to set a new record.

They were third fourth and fifth into the singletrack but after that it went sideways i think. I'd link you over to Jacobs blog for his insight but he doesn't update it so....

Pete was out doing some "work" advertising a steve neal productions along with Rachel Mirvish, and a bandit appearance by some crazy Locals. 3 day weekend mtb training camp at Hardwood, in october. should be good you should look into it. for more details, or .com one of those two.

After all the craziness and once it got dark Pete and i headed out for some Tai or Thai, one of the two. Pretty good, I realized partway through that i was on a man date. Good chat planning some euro rides, both in canada and europe.

I also realized that we finally had our mono a mono race, at Kelso and thats what happend less than a second, interesting.

Today, eased into my day, had a good pep talk with Kevin before heading out to Oro to bust out a 15.00km TT. There was a wind but i felt good about the effort that proceded me. I headed out the rail trail again to the 4th, i think i am swearing off ridge road, the rail trail is totaly doable on the road bike no problem and its 100 times smoother.

Didn't do anything hard for a warmup, so i had to start out a little slower, but got into the grove. Had a tailwind on the way out but i was a little undergeard with a 52 12, hit the turn in 10:30 and knew i wasn't on course for a good one, The wind on the way back up was tough, really dragged down the speed. Not on the climbs but getting back to speed on the false flats was tough. Return was 11:34. Good effort felt strong, gotta get a better warmup in, and pick a day with an easterly wind, that will be tough. This is kinda becoming like my "Berm hunt", except it hurts a lot more.

came back via rail trail again, now i oh oh oh, i almost forgot, i had my closest almost solo crash ever on the way out. About to turn north on the 5th line from ridge, not fast but probably 20-25 kph, as i start to straighten out, i look up and see a mountain of sand in front of me, it looked like mt everest. With foothills that extended out right to the centre of the road. Got my left foot out just when both wheels let loose so i slid both wheels, and left footed across the beach and once i hit the mountain it kinda stopped me. If a group had come around it would have been a huge crash. I think a county dump truck said hey this is a good place to unload. Just poured it on the road. Crazy, im glad i have mad tokyo drift skills, i think my cleat is half worn down now though.

Now that i have told that story, i headed back on the rail trail, stopped at the shop for some water, barrie news and look at the new ultegra they had on a bike. Pretty snazy, headed home, dinner, was pretty much ready, good eats, took dog for walk, or more like get outside find a nice cool piece of grass and watch the world go by kind of walk.

found this bug on the screen crazy,

up next more bike riding, getting tuned up for the last two Ontario/world cups in Europe, double o-cup points i heard.

Like to wish DZ and Amanda Sin, good luck at worlds this weekend, as well as the rest of the Team.

....yeah awesome

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