Wednesday, September 30, 2009

getting ready

Its Wednesday, pretty good couple days. Monday rode the ccx around, worked on some lacking skills. But really there is no better way to get better at cross than to race cross.

Yesterday i headed to the club rail trail ride. A few people showed in the less than nice weather. But if a 13 kid can show up prepared to ride in it, its good enough for me. The drizzle and wind died down and it was a nice ride.

Today i jumped on the road bike, for a couple hours around snow valley, had a bit of everything rain, sun, wind, legs felt good.

Getting mentally prepared for the AWI CX season opener at the Hillbilly Hustle this saturday. The first cross race of the season always hurts so so much. If your in the area you should come watch and cheer or even race if your into that kinda thing. Spak will probably be there just watching. Unless he wants to prove me wrong and races.....

Sunday, not sure few options nice 1) long road ride 2) depending on how i feel race in Toronto 3) i've heard rumours of a mtb race at blue this sunday, but i can't find any info about it so its actually probably not happening. ........k just got word from Pete, the mtb race got cancelled, ok down to two options,

This is the exact one line e-mail from Peter

"Nah got cancelled I judt chg web today also whipper snipped over under"

Also, for those readers in Barrie, be sure check out the barrie cycling club blog bookmark it and check it often for happenings and goings on with the club.

Probably run about 1.75 bar this weekend but we'll see

"no quote today"


Kyle Fry said...


Steve Neal Performance Development said...

your my pick ... watch stafford though he is on some sort mad skillz or something ...

wicked line from me ... true story

tell paziuk to come ill pay his gas

spak should race

glad you are feelin better ...

sunday option ... ride mtb with me at 3 stage etc. i have accom for you