Saturday, September 12, 2009

euro update #1

Well found some free internet kinda slow, no pictures are getting up today though I have taken a lot. The last time I was in Europe I don’t think digital camera’s were invented yeah im old.

Good travel over, most of the CCA project were on the same plane over. Hopped on the train for a few hours to Aigle. Then jumped on another train that took us basically straight up the mountain to Leysin our home here for a few days. The course is about 45 min, down a crazy mountain then up another crazy mountain. So far Amanda has the most driving skills. DZ is a little rough on the standard. Scotty gets credit for driving the biggest vehicle.

The course is good, nothing to crazy, on the way over Hardwood and wood chips came up in a conversation, should have kept our mouths shut cause sure enough half the course is wood chips. But they are fine world cup grade. A couple laps with various Canadian Teammates.

Dinner last night was highlighted by Amanda and Derek telling me our tap water is very dry. And the restaurant water is weter. I think they are drinking to much 3 rox cool aid.

Up early this morning to get to the course for the brief last minute training, the juniors are racing right now. Mitch Bailey, Evan Guthrie for the men and Laura Bietola and Cayley Brooks for the women. There doesn’t appear to be anything on Canadian Cyclist.

Saw peter out riding said hi he ignored me. We’ve been yelled at by just about every swiss person in the country for something. In about 8 different languages.

The coffee is excellent but is more expensive than food.

Watching chuck norris in french.

Things get busy in a hurry so ill try to update again but if I don’t just assume everything is good(mom)

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Tammy said...

congrats on your race! always inspiring to see you fight your way from the back of the pack up to a spot like 44th - have a great week and an awesome race next weekend :-)