Friday, September 18, 2009

das good

Good times today headed out with the team for one last pre ride of the course. Dan gave us a really good pep talk, which included good F1 metaphors like we should make our passes in the braking zones. Not sure if we are going to rig the race yet, we'll see.

Then headed out, did some cross style dismounts and running, i think it will be a faster in a few sections depending on moisture content.

Then held up two time olympian, 20 time world champ, in the switch back climbs. supposedly he was getting pissed but never asked to get by, i thought it was the Yeti coming by me i was going to put him in the bushes good thing i didn't.

Then he jited me out on the root section. Another section i think ill just two foot it.

Then we hit the Bietola roots, there was about 25 people just looking at them, and the 5 of us just rode down them, the trickiest part is making hte left hander at the bottom.

Rode the flat section twice without flatting good stuff,

Rode behind Evan coming down the ski hill, he Tokyo drifted it all the way down, while i carved it, both just as fast, my way is less dangerous i think. Evan is kinda crazy.

There is lots of Debate over Bar ends, and Riser bars. and wide riser bars in the camp.

Turns out Laura has broken her ankle, shes nicely casted up, and on euro crutches. Shes in good spirits though.

My team mates have most likely started CTS by now. They'll kill,

heading out for the daily canadian coffee, at 4.

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

Good post friend, the bar ends are a hot debate, i enjoy the extra hand positions.

I concur with the running in said sections

good to see you held up some champions ... i was doing some LBP -30 lap action and held up a few