Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Check it Colt

Full post race interview here

Emmy worthy in opinion, I did mis hear one question about Eric crashing in front of me. Pete implied it was planned so he could win. I didn't pick up on that, my answer would have been much different.

moving on, last night was great, it wasn't a total sausage fest as usual, Tammy and Liz came out and put the hurt on, actually most in attendance didn't race the previous day so me and Jacob(sorry Jacob and I) were put into difficulty early on. Jeremy was the finish line judge, the winner didn't get an empty beer bottle thrown at them.

Jacob also carried on his tree planting ways and planted a new tree in Midhurst, he even watered it afterwards.

Liz and Jacob said they still had something else planned, now this didn't really bother me, but must have gotten into my subconscious cause i had a freaky dream they snuck into my room last night, i woke up yelling and throwing my pillow at them. serious i was freaked out.

Today I spent the early afternoon washing bikes and doing some routine maintenance, it would have gone quicker but a lost bored repair man came and talked to me in the garage for like an hour.

Then had a nap in preparation for the last official Tuesday nighter. I had to ride to the ride cause my relatives blocked my car in, not a huge deal, actually it turned out ok cause i got some decent miles in. Felt ok, hit a new max power output (im not going to publicise it though) in the sprint but got outsmarted and out kicked in the end by big jamie, i think it was his first worlds win after about 30 2nds this year.

rode home in the dark, uphill, into the wind, and it rained, and i got shot at with a bb gun, i flatted, but no worries mom, its ok.

Tommorow, bicycle ride, followed by a trip to Hardwood Ski and Bike, yes, thats right, on any normal day i would just chill, but tommorow night will have a spectacle of epic proportions and I intend on having a front row seat.

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