Saturday, September 5, 2009


gonna make this brief as im hitting the hay for an early ride. someone had the great idea to start a long ride at 8 am. something about not finishing in the dark.

good day, capped off with a sit down with Matt P who brought me some supplies for europe. In exchange i said i'd get his coffee for him. a double no fat, triple latte, machiatto, caramel, non dairy, with a touch of coffee in it, and 8 dollars later. Good chat, single chainrings were the focus.

just watched Che, part one the argentine, great great movie, Benicio del toro plays Che. Im gonna not comment on the politics of this era, mainly cause i wouldn't have an informed opinion, but yeah its a good film.

i've been really trying to be the only cyclist blogger in the western hemisphere to not comment on the escalating war between cyclists and motorists. but i feel it coming. i keep hearing some pretty out there comments, from both sides. A couple more comments from people who have never ridden a bicycle in traffic, or ever, and ill be on here with a 3000 word rant. bottom line, we all need to learn how to co exist, bicycles aren't going anywhere, in 20 years when gas is 8 bucks a litre, bicycles may look a little more appealing. bah leaving it there.

"I don't want to compare myself to Luke going down the deathstar trench, but I was just like Luke going down the death star trench"

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