Wednesday, September 30, 2009

getting ready

Its Wednesday, pretty good couple days. Monday rode the ccx around, worked on some lacking skills. But really there is no better way to get better at cross than to race cross.

Yesterday i headed to the club rail trail ride. A few people showed in the less than nice weather. But if a 13 kid can show up prepared to ride in it, its good enough for me. The drizzle and wind died down and it was a nice ride.

Today i jumped on the road bike, for a couple hours around snow valley, had a bit of everything rain, sun, wind, legs felt good.

Getting mentally prepared for the AWI CX season opener at the Hillbilly Hustle this saturday. The first cross race of the season always hurts so so much. If your in the area you should come watch and cheer or even race if your into that kinda thing. Spak will probably be there just watching. Unless he wants to prove me wrong and races.....

Sunday, not sure few options nice 1) long road ride 2) depending on how i feel race in Toronto 3) i've heard rumours of a mtb race at blue this sunday, but i can't find any info about it so its actually probably not happening. ........k just got word from Pete, the mtb race got cancelled, ok down to two options,

This is the exact one line e-mail from Peter

"Nah got cancelled I judt chg web today also whipper snipped over under"

Also, for those readers in Barrie, be sure check out the barrie cycling club blog bookmark it and check it often for happenings and goings on with the club.

Probably run about 1.75 bar this weekend but we'll see

"no quote today"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Made it

Got through today without getting on my bicycle, it was tough i had my shorts and jersey laid out but i held strong.

Watched a few flicks, a couple B movies, "Shred" kinda like a low budget ski school, but worse. And "the Sasquatch Squad" obviously trying to rip off the monster squad(awesome film btw) . Not bad kinda a combination of pulp fiction and napolean dynomite.

Took the dog for a long walk in the bluffs, the bugs are gone so its actually possible to walk back there now.

Then watched the new(est) journey to the center of the earth, not bad.

killed the OJ today,

Cadel Evans finally won a damn bike race. Good for him.

Probably get on the bicycle tomorrow, just limit the time and intensity. (a lot)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

still hurting

Well its Saturday and although im feeling marginally better, its marginal.

Yesterday, i built up my MTB and cleaned it up a bit, then headed to starbucks for a coffee with Matt, who kept saying he had to get back to work, but then continued to talk. more on that later.

Got home, dressed and headed out on the cross bike for some easy riding and some skills practice, or skills totally relearning.

This morning i got up early and headed to Hardwood for the fall 8 hour. I knew a few people racing so i thought i would lend my support, and by support i mean stand around and talk to them so they miss there hand off. I almost made it to the start, but just missed it.

As i rolled up i noticed the Norco truck was there, Havy was holding out on me. He built a 4 man team and didn't even consider me. burn. No, just jokes, good to see him.

I wandered a bit, saw Molly so i went over and gave her some attention, A nice lady was nice enought to warn me that she likes to kiss a lot. Turned out to be Matts Mom, she was there feeding him during his solo effort. She gave me crap for keeping Matt from working on Friday (shes his boss)

Saw Ben sorry "The King". He was flirting with a cute girl at the cash register inside. interesting. Had a coffee, listened to Jack Sasseville and him banter back and forth.

After watching Havy kill a lap in his big ring, then do a super smooth cross dismount(seriously, leg through and everything) i headed back to Barrie.

I had an autograph session at the shop. Turns out I'm the XTR wheel model in the Shimano International wheel catalogue.(Im actually on the same page as Denis Menchov) The funny thing is it was taken at the Hardwood Canada Cup right after i ate it, and you can see all the dirt and red mark on my chin. Chris and Jeremy had me feeling pretty good, then Rob Butler walked in, i couldn't match the fact he had his own tv show. Dammit hes such a nice guy too it was tough but i conceded that he was more famous than me.

I then rode home.

the end

Im not racng tommroow, sorry Tim, i need to get this out of my system. Kelso double ill be there. I promise, right here publicly.

Just got TMN so that i can watch Dexter in HD tommorow night. Now that BSG is gone, its probably the new number one show in my books.

im going to try and not ride for a couple days (probably will break down though)

Next saturday is the Hillbilly Hustle/Ontario Masters of cyclocross, ill definetly be there, hopefully racing.

"please do not mount your bicycle until you are through the transition"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thats all folks

Well i called it today officially at 12:06 p.m. when i was almost falling over climbing a monstrous fifty foot peak. The MTB season is finished for me. This weekend will be totally by ear literally, my right ear still feels funny after not popping on the way down from the glacier on sunday. Still lots of mucous, and just feeling off balance.

With no day of for the squeezer thats out, so its looking like if I feel ok Saturday ill head down for the Speedriver Cross on Sunday in Guelph. Ill keep you posted on that(Tim) thinking its 50/50 right now.

It was a great season, i pushed myself pretty hard in a few races and learned a lot about my own limits.

highlights thinking back in point form.

-Dragging Alison Sydor from Paris to Ancaster, and have her compliment my gravel road technical skills in a interview.

-Hanging on for dear life at the mainsfield road race, watching Cam fall over.

-Getting back on a hardtail after many years at Albion and realizing how much i love it.

-Having a good steave neal race at Baie st paul and starting the season with a 2nd

-racing tremblant on a hardtail, wondering if the previous statement was still valid

-hitting the ground insanly hard at hardwood, my jaw is still hurting, but got in a shimano wheel ad from that race with dirt on my chin.

-winning my first c-cup in a few years in Edmonton,

-awesome trip to Canmore with the Jetpower crew, buzzing Kabush's tire multiple times

-surviving another wet bromont race, gong show

-getting to watch the elite mens race at nationals in a front row seat.

-sick again for st anne second year in a row

-bromont, good race discovered the magic of the Kenda Nevegals

-leading mountainview, long flat change, finished with 15 psi and still won somehow

-finally winning a 10 person 24 hour, happy tears for sure

-insane provincials race, last half lap was crazy still not sure what the hell happend

-Champery, good race again, now hold the canadian record for most passes in a world cup

-schladming, awesome trip, a little zapped for the race, easy come easy go,

Now get my cross legs on, T.O. UCI races will be the focus.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running up that hill

Well can’t say im not glad that’s over. Crazy hard race, over 200 meters of climbing in a sub 20 minute lap, imagine 4 climbs up Kelso in a shorter lap. Add in some sniffles, and zapped legs and it was a world of hurt start to finish of lap 4.

I actually got a good start, was nicely placed, held my position, if not moved up, but on the second main climb I could feel my legs starting to st anne itize. From there it was just damage control, kept my head down and tongue out. Gave some fellow Canucks some good pushes as they came by me, donated some cytomax to Eric. Who later snapped his chain, wanted to ask if he needed something but there was a photographer right there taking pics of him.

Found some guys to just follow around, tried to get on Glassfords wheel after he made an awesome Cole trickle pass on me, but couldn’t. (pass of the year)

I knew I was getting pulled, 2nd time this year, bummed about that, but I know I gave it everything I had, so I get a participation medal right? Grabbed a red bull, it was solid.

Post race was crazy busy as usual racing at 2:30 by the time your done its dinner time so It was a scarmble to shower and pick up Laura from her post and head to the winterkarten for dinner.

Had to carry Laura about a km back to the hotel, crazy good crossfit workout. Only one 1 minute break to tighten my belt.

Back to the room for some “snacks”. Then off to after party. I can’t really talk about it here. It was insane, ask me in person for stories. Thought we would try to close it down, didn’t happen I think the place just never closed down.

A couple hours sleep, breakfast, then a really really, good meeting with Dan talking about the national team program, first time I have ever heard about some of the stuff that is super confusing when you read about it online.

Then another mad rush to head up to the Dachstein glacier. Spectacular. Again im not a nature, scenery guy but oh boy it was nice. Once I get home ill post up a nice post trip report with photos and video’s.

Heading out early tomorrow morning through Germany, it will be my first time in that country even if it just an hour stop. Then to Zurich for the evening before flying home Tuesday morning. So until Tuesday don’t expect to hear anything (mom), just assume all is good, having a good time. And if you happen to be my mother and your reading this please don’t lock me out of the house. Mike G is giving me a lift home with Mitch.

“I want to be Samuel Schultz”
Anonymous current senior elite world champ

Friday, September 18, 2009

das good

Good times today headed out with the team for one last pre ride of the course. Dan gave us a really good pep talk, which included good F1 metaphors like we should make our passes in the braking zones. Not sure if we are going to rig the race yet, we'll see.

Then headed out, did some cross style dismounts and running, i think it will be a faster in a few sections depending on moisture content.

Then held up two time olympian, 20 time world champ, in the switch back climbs. supposedly he was getting pissed but never asked to get by, i thought it was the Yeti coming by me i was going to put him in the bushes good thing i didn't.

Then he jited me out on the root section. Another section i think ill just two foot it.

Then we hit the Bietola roots, there was about 25 people just looking at them, and the 5 of us just rode down them, the trickiest part is making hte left hander at the bottom.

Rode the flat section twice without flatting good stuff,

Rode behind Evan coming down the ski hill, he Tokyo drifted it all the way down, while i carved it, both just as fast, my way is less dangerous i think. Evan is kinda crazy.

There is lots of Debate over Bar ends, and Riser bars. and wide riser bars in the camp.

Turns out Laura has broken her ankle, shes nicely casted up, and on euro crutches. Shes in good spirits though.

My team mates have most likely started CTS by now. They'll kill,

heading out for the daily canadian coffee, at 4.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

its thursday i think

so, a couple days and a couple rides later. Schladming is easily the nicest town in Europe i have seen.

The course is good, the weather is good, the food is good, pretty much all is good,

i rode the course yesterday, flatted twice, found out a valve cap can hold ten psi to get you back
to town.

I guess i ruined a moment with the team meeting Absalon, my bad,

Laura smoked her ankle, too much Juice not enough milk is my theory.

Rode up along side a river today and ended up where i was on the road a couple days ago.

feel good, kinda stuffed up though, too much time with derek and amanda.

Peter came for a ride today and almost crashed us all to show us a big thing of nutella, it was worth it, i won't deny it.

Im wondering if the internet is down in Winnipeg?

There is some facebooks censorship going on,

Squeezer is sanctioned, damn tough call, Tim puts on a wicked race in Guelph, and i can win beer. i think its a question for the 8 ball.

again lots of good quotes but i can't publish them,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If its good enough for a Governor

So first before i forget we are staying at a hotel that Arnold Swarznegger(sp?) stays at while hes in country. Theres a whole case full of his family christmas photos, the manager was pretty stoked to tell us about it all.

Backing up a couple days i was able to put down my best euro world cup race and finish 44th. The start was crazy i was able to miss all the pileups but i was hindered a lot and finished the start loop 106, about 30 spots back from where i had started. I put my game face on and just started cranking it. Passed when i could, forgot what lap i was on, and just figured i'd stop when someone told me too. Lots of passes, i hammerd the climb the best i could Dan said he didn't want to see anyone comfortable on the climb, rode it faster after he said that i think. I had some good lap times a 24th and an 18th, last lap, though to be fair i basically averaged high endurance the first few laps in traffic so i had a lot of energy left at the end when the course started to clear a little.

the next 24 hours were crazy, dinner, pack the bike, pack the bag, wake up at 5:20 spend 14 hours travelling by train, get yelled at by angry austrian's, get in, sleep.

Im feeling pretty wasted at the moment, not sure if im tired or getting sick, or sick and tired. Got out for a decent ride today, legs were ok, but just not feeling well overall.

Staying in the same hotel as the specialized team as well, Matt P would be in heaven looking at every nut and bolt on Burry and Wells bikes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

euro update #1

Well found some free internet kinda slow, no pictures are getting up today though I have taken a lot. The last time I was in Europe I don’t think digital camera’s were invented yeah im old.

Good travel over, most of the CCA project were on the same plane over. Hopped on the train for a few hours to Aigle. Then jumped on another train that took us basically straight up the mountain to Leysin our home here for a few days. The course is about 45 min, down a crazy mountain then up another crazy mountain. So far Amanda has the most driving skills. DZ is a little rough on the standard. Scotty gets credit for driving the biggest vehicle.

The course is good, nothing to crazy, on the way over Hardwood and wood chips came up in a conversation, should have kept our mouths shut cause sure enough half the course is wood chips. But they are fine world cup grade. A couple laps with various Canadian Teammates.

Dinner last night was highlighted by Amanda and Derek telling me our tap water is very dry. And the restaurant water is weter. I think they are drinking to much 3 rox cool aid.

Up early this morning to get to the course for the brief last minute training, the juniors are racing right now. Mitch Bailey, Evan Guthrie for the men and Laura Bietola and Cayley Brooks for the women. There doesn’t appear to be anything on Canadian Cyclist.

Saw peter out riding said hi he ignored me. We’ve been yelled at by just about every swiss person in the country for something. In about 8 different languages.

The coffee is excellent but is more expensive than food.

Watching chuck norris in french.

Things get busy in a hurry so ill try to update again but if I don’t just assume everything is good(mom)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, as the kids are heading back to school, i'm heading back to the world of world cup racing. The past couple days have been a treat to end out the summer here. Yesterday i dragged my tired legs out to get hammered by the Monday nighters it was the afternoon so i was suffering from jet lag of sorts. We rode in the copeland so lots of hills especially to start. Good ride took them to the berms with the aid of the garmin. Then race back via 93 to jeremy's/tammy's for BBQ. Pulled in and got settled in the most comfortable chair ever made. I'm planning a home invasion to steal that chair. Also a lot of things suddenly clicked and made sense last night. Thats all im going to say.......

Good conversations regarding over prescribed medications, cycling and a total geek out session between Jer, Liz and Matt, talking about "ceder strip" canoes, and MSR tents, and titanium sporks, and all this stuff. I now know what it feels like to hang out with cyclists talking about gear. I found it humourous.

Today, got a lot of packing done, i think i have about 90lbs of bike stuff and 10 lbs of clothes. And one book. Yeah, tires, spare parts, add up in weight.

Got some last minute things at wal mart, always good to see the wal mart crowds the day after a holiday you'd think it was closed for a month.

Dinner, tuesday nighter(airstream), good ride, getting short. Too short a couple weeks ago i'd still be riding right now. Jamie and I led out Orrin but Orrin didn't get the memo.

again i would love to quote Jamie but i can't, ask me and ill tell you but i can't publish it.

So flying out at 6 p.m. or 18:00 hours as my ticket says. Im less excited than I should be for some reason. I don't know why, its looking like our accomodatin will have intereweb so hopefully i can update with some photos, stealing moms camera, shhhhh don't tell her till i leave.

Thanks to Kevin and Matt P at Norco for getting a solid care package together, And to everyone for the well wishes and the "go fracking kill" ems, those are always good.

In case i don't have interweb, i'd like to wish my Norco teamates good luck at crank the shield. Also Jamie and Orrin will be taking it on as a team, look out for the Barrie CC/Bikeland duo, especially on the rail trail day 2, they will be trucking.

Also to spakle heading into a 24 hour in Michigan,

i think thats about it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

white sunday

So today we did the 4th annual Awenda Labour day sunday ride. last year was rough,

I was up early on the bike, dressed light for the afternoon temps but it was still about 13 degress on the way down to freddy g's. When i got there i guzzled a quick double shot at casa, and met up a couple minutes after 8, were pretty casual about the start times.

3 others came out, Peter, a Surgeon, Orrin an engineer type, and Jamie a gradeschool teacher, everything you need on a ride to keep it interesting. A couple other riders arrived, not sure if they even planned to ride with us, but they started to get there bikes together out of the car. I guess didn't like the look of us packed up and left. huh.

Headed straight north, passed the gravitational vortex of pooles road and old second. A piece of gravel that i always enjoyed wasn't gravel anymore, bummed about that.Not an epic ride without gravel. Good chats, some good ideas for the club for next year. maybe, we'll see. Hit champlain road called Matheson who was supposed to meet up for a ride. No answer i think he was still sleeping.

Stopped at the store for refreshments in the park, i'd post pictures from my phone, but its only a phone and doesn't take pictures, or work as a gps, or tell me where the closest mexican restaurant is, its just a phone, i can talk on it.

I was on the front for a good portion on the way up with the tailwind, which was ok with me as that meant i could sit on the back for the headwind, right?

Left the park, headed to tiny beaches road, Jamie sketched us out on purpose, good thing i trust him or i would have given him a piece of my mind..... nice rolling scenery, came back through phelpston, i found myself on the front. nuts, finished on Wilson uphill into a headwind after 160 km. Wicked.

Second cup for a brownie and coffee, as according to peter it quardruples glycogen synthesis, or something like that. (Pete is selling a 56 cm trek xo1 cross bike, everyone should have a cross bike(even if its a Trek) )

back home up mapleton for hopefully the last time for a couple weeks. Home steak, potatoes, ferris buelluers day off in HD.

A super solid group ride, still pushed over 3900 kj, over 183 km most KJ's i've done in a group even on 200km plus rides, solid.

up next, mtb ride tommorow, then pack and fly to Zurich, open a swiss bank account, then kill it at the last two world cups.

.....Jamie had the quote of the day, but i have to pull a Matt P and not tell you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


gonna make this brief as im hitting the hay for an early ride. someone had the great idea to start a long ride at 8 am. something about not finishing in the dark.

good day, capped off with a sit down with Matt P who brought me some supplies for europe. In exchange i said i'd get his coffee for him. a double no fat, triple latte, machiatto, caramel, non dairy, with a touch of coffee in it, and 8 dollars later. Good chat, single chainrings were the focus.

just watched Che, part one the argentine, great great movie, Benicio del toro plays Che. Im gonna not comment on the politics of this era, mainly cause i wouldn't have an informed opinion, but yeah its a good film.

i've been really trying to be the only cyclist blogger in the western hemisphere to not comment on the escalating war between cyclists and motorists. but i feel it coming. i keep hearing some pretty out there comments, from both sides. A couple more comments from people who have never ridden a bicycle in traffic, or ever, and ill be on here with a 3000 word rant. bottom line, we all need to learn how to co exist, bicycles aren't going anywhere, in 20 years when gas is 8 bucks a litre, bicycles may look a little more appealing. bah leaving it there.

"I don't want to compare myself to Luke going down the deathstar trench, but I was just like Luke going down the death star trench"

Friday, September 4, 2009

today was friday

And it was a nice friday, woke up, went for a ride. hurt myself for 15 minutes really good in the middle zig zaged my way home.

Did some landscaping, i think im pretty good at it. Had to move a tree about 3 millimeters to the left.

BBQ'd some homemade burgers, sold my cross bike, took the dog for a walk, watched the womens race on freecaster, or attempted to it kept cutting out. And the announcers were kinda bugging me a bit, but i know its a tough job to avoid dead air(im not saying that sarcastically it is hard).

early ride in the am, before meeting with Matt P, to pick up some supplies.

Awenda way sunday.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yesterday good ride around snow valley, plus road the new rode(Stu you love it) that connects the snow valley highlands and wilson drive, Basically its carson road extended but its called seadon road, very nice, wide, nice valley in the middle, will actually be a nice loop now avoiding part of wilson drive. It actualy follows a bunch of double track we used to mtb on years ago, used to be a good loop but now its full of 1000 square foot bungalows with 3 car garages, kinda weird.

wednesday night i headed out to hardwood to watch the last wednesday night of the year, normally i would have stayed home with my feet up Spak style but, i got my camera ready to watch this.

Maverick, Goose and Iceman, taking on the cranked course trying to set a new record.

They were third fourth and fifth into the singletrack but after that it went sideways i think. I'd link you over to Jacobs blog for his insight but he doesn't update it so....

Pete was out doing some "work" advertising a steve neal productions along with Rachel Mirvish, and a bandit appearance by some crazy Locals. 3 day weekend mtb training camp at Hardwood, in october. should be good you should look into it. for more details, or .com one of those two.

After all the craziness and once it got dark Pete and i headed out for some Tai or Thai, one of the two. Pretty good, I realized partway through that i was on a man date. Good chat planning some euro rides, both in canada and europe.

I also realized that we finally had our mono a mono race, at Kelso and thats what happend less than a second, interesting.

Today, eased into my day, had a good pep talk with Kevin before heading out to Oro to bust out a 15.00km TT. There was a wind but i felt good about the effort that proceded me. I headed out the rail trail again to the 4th, i think i am swearing off ridge road, the rail trail is totaly doable on the road bike no problem and its 100 times smoother.

Didn't do anything hard for a warmup, so i had to start out a little slower, but got into the grove. Had a tailwind on the way out but i was a little undergeard with a 52 12, hit the turn in 10:30 and knew i wasn't on course for a good one, The wind on the way back up was tough, really dragged down the speed. Not on the climbs but getting back to speed on the false flats was tough. Return was 11:34. Good effort felt strong, gotta get a better warmup in, and pick a day with an easterly wind, that will be tough. This is kinda becoming like my "Berm hunt", except it hurts a lot more.

came back via rail trail again, now i oh oh oh, i almost forgot, i had my closest almost solo crash ever on the way out. About to turn north on the 5th line from ridge, not fast but probably 20-25 kph, as i start to straighten out, i look up and see a mountain of sand in front of me, it looked like mt everest. With foothills that extended out right to the centre of the road. Got my left foot out just when both wheels let loose so i slid both wheels, and left footed across the beach and once i hit the mountain it kinda stopped me. If a group had come around it would have been a huge crash. I think a county dump truck said hey this is a good place to unload. Just poured it on the road. Crazy, im glad i have mad tokyo drift skills, i think my cleat is half worn down now though.

Now that i have told that story, i headed back on the rail trail, stopped at the shop for some water, barrie news and look at the new ultegra they had on a bike. Pretty snazy, headed home, dinner, was pretty much ready, good eats, took dog for walk, or more like get outside find a nice cool piece of grass and watch the world go by kind of walk.

found this bug on the screen crazy,

up next more bike riding, getting tuned up for the last two Ontario/world cups in Europe, double o-cup points i heard.

Like to wish DZ and Amanda Sin, good luck at worlds this weekend, as well as the rest of the Team.

....yeah awesome

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Check it Colt

Full post race interview here

Emmy worthy in opinion, I did mis hear one question about Eric crashing in front of me. Pete implied it was planned so he could win. I didn't pick up on that, my answer would have been much different.

moving on, last night was great, it wasn't a total sausage fest as usual, Tammy and Liz came out and put the hurt on, actually most in attendance didn't race the previous day so me and Jacob(sorry Jacob and I) were put into difficulty early on. Jeremy was the finish line judge, the winner didn't get an empty beer bottle thrown at them.

Jacob also carried on his tree planting ways and planted a new tree in Midhurst, he even watered it afterwards.

Liz and Jacob said they still had something else planned, now this didn't really bother me, but must have gotten into my subconscious cause i had a freaky dream they snuck into my room last night, i woke up yelling and throwing my pillow at them. serious i was freaked out.

Today I spent the early afternoon washing bikes and doing some routine maintenance, it would have gone quicker but a lost bored repair man came and talked to me in the garage for like an hour.

Then had a nap in preparation for the last official Tuesday nighter. I had to ride to the ride cause my relatives blocked my car in, not a huge deal, actually it turned out ok cause i got some decent miles in. Felt ok, hit a new max power output (im not going to publicise it though) in the sprint but got outsmarted and out kicked in the end by big jamie, i think it was his first worlds win after about 30 2nds this year.

rode home in the dark, uphill, into the wind, and it rained, and i got shot at with a bb gun, i flatted, but no worries mom, its ok.

Tommorow, bicycle ride, followed by a trip to Hardwood Ski and Bike, yes, thats right, on any normal day i would just chill, but tommorow night will have a spectacle of epic proportions and I intend on having a front row seat.