Sunday, August 9, 2009

yeah mountainview dries up real problem

So, im home, after dinner with my brother, his fiance and mom i invited myself to the mountainview club's post race BBQ at the woods residence. It was good times, really laid back folks who just love riding there bikes and hanging out, and hugging lots, there was lots of huging.

I don't think i have ever seen anyone from the BCC hug each other, maybe we should.

the morning started out kinda scary like, i had to have the light on to eat my breakfast at 9 am. it was crazy dark with no wind, and lots of humidity,

Got loaded up, stopped by starbucks to pick up Stu a little birthday present, the big 25. Then headed up at 10:30 ish. As soon as i got onto the 400 hundred i saw lightning hit a cell phone tower right beside the highway, i said awesome and kept going.

Got there, and it had stopped raining but i could tell by the way the bikes were looking that it was going to be a normal eastern canadian race. WET.

Havy got my bike all dialed in, i switched to Karma's from the small blocks. Got warmed up, which wasn't hard to do.

lined up at the bottom of the hill for the Skyloft style start. I started out hard, I knew i had some good legs and didn't want to get caught out early in the first lap. Mike G started out hard as well. He was killing the first few poppers on the climb.

When we were crossing the fields i moved past into the lead and that was about it. Hit the first downhill, and it was a total slip and slide, super slick off camber stuff. I immediatly got the outrigger out, and made my way down. I heard Mike slide out at the top. That was the last i really heard from anyone.

I did the next run up and singletrack sections and had a good gap. I paid for the effort though, i started to feel a little "funky" my legs were feeling soft, and mushy, i was able to keep a good pace up, but i knew that if i got caught and passed i wouldn't have been able to go any harder.

I settled into a good pace, i learned a lot from my race pace lap the day before. That the course was very hard to recover on, i had to really chill in the flowy singletrack at the bottom, after a lap or two i settled in and my legs started to feel really good.

Basically not much more to say about the race until early on the last lap, i had no idea how much time i had, i knew it was over a minute but that was it. As im about to the hit the rock garden, my rear tire goes down, awesome.

After not very fast change, and every second i thought, mike or kinsie or atkins or someone was going to come trucking by. I got back on and started to hammer. I didn't get a ton of air in i was probably running about 15 psi if that, so i had to be very ginger. My rear was rolling all over the place. I was expecting to roll it right off or rip the valve off. The Kenda Tube hung in there, and i was able to hold onto a good gap to take my first o-cup win in over 15 months. not that im counting.

Stu finished a personal best 4th place, Catherine won the womens race, Zach was 10th.


Jacob said...

i had confidence after you went through the feed zone 8 minutes ahead of mike the last time.

Racing 2009. said...

good ride watson.