Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whos dog is that?

Today was another one of those crazy rare summer days i remeber from when i was a kid. The kind were i could leave at 8:30 in the morning with nothing but shorts and jersey on. And start sweating at the first stop light.

Yeah one of those, met up the Airstream ride down at Freddy G's, really nice ride, with some weekend riders i haven't been able to ride with this year. Hit bass lake again, i think thats 6 or 7 times now. Not really getting old yet.

When we came up to the 7th line, there was a little beagle just roaming the intersection. Not a great place for a dog, i rode over to the some Mtb'ers (crazy dirt lovers) and in my best roadie snob voice asked if it was their dog. Robb got a hold of her, "Becky" and called the number on the tag, the woman said the dog was running out with her husband. She came and got the dog, lived not to far away in sugarbush, never saw or heard anyone calling for the dog. The lady thanked us and didn't seem to concerned about the situation saying that her husband likes to run fast. So yeah i don't know, i hope the guy is ok and not laying in the woods.

We carried on and had to chase like mad men (season 3 premier tonight by the way) to catch up to the 5 who carried on. Caught them, them stopping for a drink helped. Rode in, had an iced coffee which was surprisingly refreshing.

good story from Larry, the other day he was talking to a cyclist across the street from the coffee shop, who had a first aid kit, mirror on his glasses, a whistle tied to his jersey, Larry asked about all the safety gear the guy responded, "hey man you have to be safe out there" and rode away without a helmet on.

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