Thursday, August 27, 2009

where to start

Start things off with a film review cause it deserves the top spot on this post. Inglourious Bastards. Headed down to Newmarket to see this one, just as i was about to pull into Krista's, Sam Rykhoff (came in on Stu's heels at the 24 hour on the 1st lap) and a couple other young riders go past me heading towards Coulson Hill. It was kinda neat to see three kids riding down the road all beside each trying to kick each other riding to the race. Pretty much the same thing i was doing about 12 years ago, except back then it was on a tuesday. Now im all grown up and have a car so its off to movies for me.

Back to the film, actually one sec what happened to 7 o'clock shows? it was either 6:30 or 10:10, kinda crappy, had to rush to the 6:30 as i didn't want to be driving home from Bradford at 2 in the morning. Kinda grinds my gears.

The film was wicked from start to end. Kris found it slow, but just cause there are some very long drawn out scenes with tons of dialougue. But it was great, the writing, directing all great. I found it to be very realisitic the situations the characters were in, (kinda) in that nothing was rushed, everything progressed naturally.

Acting was great, the SS detective will get an oscar nod at least. Brad Pitt was good, the character actors all great. Mike Myers plays a british officer in good fashion.

Very violent (very) leave the kids at home for this one. Not historically accurate in the least. But still a good ending.

I found myself thinking of the Dirty Dozen while watching, except Tarrantino directing it.

Today, i eased into my day after the late night last night (relatively speaking) i headed out for a spin on my singlespeed into the bluffs, walked a few hills but it was a nice ride.

After an early dinner of Pita Pizza and a sweet potato done on the BBQ, i headed out to the TT tonight. I parked in shanty bay by the rail trail. It was a nice location, not to far, not to close.

Road out dropping down to lakeshore, to cruise along there. then up the 7th, put in some efforts. My legs felt good. but weird at the same time. One of those its going to be really good or im going to be shutting her down kinda nights. I also swapped my 52 big ring for a 56. hopefully be able to push a little more on the downhills.

17 people came out which i think is the best this year. Some younger riders out with there parents, very wednesday nightish, it was nice. Mark Winfield was out, i think hes planning a big comeback.

Got lined up, chatted with Ben Dawson for a bit. i linked to his blog, but it will probably be telling you how to lube or degrease or pump up your tires or something. Instead of riding a bike, but don't be fooled he can ride, and fast too.

Started, felt good, pushed some watts until about the 10th then things started to go sideways. Legs started to feel heavy, I shifted down to try and spin it out, but once i hit the grind up to the 12th i knew i was going to have to shut down the steady effort.

Got turned around and started back up. I recovered a bit then rode the flats and downhills in high tempo wattage, and killed any rises. Viney came by me just past the ninth, into a rise, i thought i was going to go back by him on the climb but once it leveled out he kept his pace up and road(stu???) away from me.

Felt good to blow out some carbon, and burn some matches. I got my clothes back on and bottles and everything i left at the start line, and headed back to the car. I rode for a bit with Ben, then turned down the 5th. Like i said before no ride is complete without a little gravel. Sure enough what is pavement one week is gravel the next in Oro and vice versa. Made it to ridge road, but it was getting dark fast, decided to get onto the rail trail at the 4th and rode that to the 2nd.

drove the dog out...

heading to kelso tommorow as it will probably be closed saturday for pre riding. if it rains, not something i want to risk.

go to Spaks blog and vote for him to race on sunday. Just do it, ill give you candy

"Hey you racing tonight?"

"Hells yeah, all i want to do is beat Jack"


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