Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Was it worth it?

So im going to change things up today and start with a negative. and end on a positive. Backing up to yesterday, to kill some time the family loaded into the van to look at some houses. I knew i wasn't going to like any of them but i went anyway.

Got home at 4 ish had a nice dinner and got ready to head downtown for the ride. As im driving down essa, i come to a detour around essa and ferndale. for a crash. Right off the bat i knew there was something different. About 8 cruisers, blocked off to pedestrians the whole bit. Got around it and had a good ride. ill get back to that in the positive section.

As im driving home at 11, sure enough the whole area is still locked down. I have never seen a car crash scene like this, so obviously someone didn't make it, and there was a bigger story than just a car crash.

Sure enough, the details have come in last night and today on the news. 15 year old kid steals a Mitsubishi Lancer, cops chase him he crashes into a 48 year old guy just driving home from work. 48 year old is killed, Kid was hurt but he'll make it. Siu gets called in all that.

Two freaky things, one we passed through that intersection minutes before it happend on the way home at 4. Second, i drive through there anytime im in a car and its probably one of the safest intersections around, 50 max both ways, and the light is always red it seems. So yeah that rattles me a bit.

So second time in about a year a police pursuit in Barrie Ends with an innocent bystander dead. The kid will get off, a) cause hes 15 and b) cause he was driving a car and everything is an accident when your driving a car.

Cops will get raked over the coals again, probably rightly so. so really was it worth it? The kid is an idiot, didn't know any better, hes still responsible though. The cops should have known better. A CAR IS NOT WORTH IT. k, i could go on but ill stop there.

sorry just had to rant about that.

k, k,

so last nights ride, awesome ride, followed by a trip to Tara, a indian place that is a favourite among barrie residents. A feast insued there was about a dozen of us and we all ordered enough for 2 people. And passed everything around. I have no idea what i was eating most of the time but it was good. I woke up this morning with what felt like a hangover.

I awoke with one thing on my mind this morning, BERMS. today was the day, i had credible information. And directions from relative to the xc ski trails. No excuses if they were there i was going to find them.
Third times a Charm, yes the mustache is coming back strong. I set out, i had my gps on, but i was pretty sure i wasn't going to need it. Instead of diving into some singletrack early i made a b-line right for the climb i was told it was off of. Sure enough after only about 10 minutes of riding, i found it.

Berm #1, of the Bermed downhill. I felt like i had found bigfoot, or the loch ness monster. Anyway the actual trail wasn't anything to get crazy about. It was fun but nothing epic. But like they say its the journey not the destination. I marked into the GPS, so for the right price i will supply the coordinates. Finished the ride off with some more exploring, ran into some horse back riders who seemed pretty pissed at me for riding a bike. Which brings me to rant number 2, why is it (trail) socially accepeted that horses can crap all over the place but, if your dog drops one and you don't pick it up, you'll be shot and dragged to jail. I don't get that. Really its all over the double track up there. again ill leave it there.

On the way home i made sure to pick up Mark Summers reward.

Up next, riding bikes. Trying not to eat the coffee crisp sitting next to my computer

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