Friday, August 7, 2009

Sun, warm(kinda) this is kinda weird

So first off the weather since Tuesday morning has been very nice. I will admit that, not hot but decent and dry so ill take it.

Yesterday i got some things here and there done, didn't ride my bicycle.

Last night i took Mom out for her birthday dinner at the Keg, it was solid, of course i had chicken as I'm not much of a fan of restaurant steak.

Today, i got a good ride in, which included a stop at the shop to call Jeremy Lazy. He just sits there, and uses a sling to move his leg around to help customers, cheez. Actually in all seriousness he appears to be doing pretty good.

After making some killer Espresso, I don't have a pressure guage but i bet it was pretty optimum. I put the legs up and watched the new Fast and the Furious, awesome, yeah i said it, i loved it. Its no gone with the wind but it kept me interested which is more than i can say about Twilight, Yes i watched Twilight, it sucked, not even remotely good. Actually i think the story had potential, but the acting, directing, dialogue, all horrible.

Tommorow, meeting with the Juice for a lap or two of the course. Then back home to inject myself with H2O, right now for Sundaythey are calling for 29 degrees, but it will "feel like" 41 with the humidex, yeah, today i was wearing a vest and arm warmers, can't wait for that.

mmmmm yeah i think thats it,

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Kyle Fry said...

Thank you for hating Twilight!
nobody up here seems to get how horrible it really was.