Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sending my love back down the well

First off just got word Jeremy broke his knee, again. Something about some kids chasing a raccoon down the street which startled a unicorn, which charged at a hippopotamus which ran into a alien which fired its ray gun that hit a squirrel that ran in front of Jeremy and made him fall. Or something like that.

Anyways, i think we should put him in a bubble for about 6 months, i hear there's a two for one deal, I can get him and Starbuck one.

back to happier things, With a ride planned for the evening i got a little of this and a little of that done around here. I applied for a new travel card, not only did i get accepted i got sent two cards, seperate account numbers both for bigger amounts than i should have gotten. When i called to activate the one i told them and asked if they could cancel the other one, they sounded surprised. Asking why i didnt' want both. I will never understand credit card companies. They are more mysterious than women from Winnipeg.

after some good debating over what made better espresso, stove top or machine, i was ready to hit the ride. Again a pretty low turnout, for a nice night. And some weird vibes going around, may be pulling the plug on the ride a little early this year. But we did ride some new pavement this time the 1st line, pretty nice. We also had a nice run in with a st bernard puppy, don't be fooled it was still big just not filled out. Super friendly but in a bad way as it jumps in front of a group of 10 cyclists. Steve went down in a heap rolling over the dog, both were ok, the dog i think enjoyed it and carried on by licking everyone else. Could have been worse. Steve dealt with it by charging off the front for a while.

Post ride refreshments, this time Bears were the topic of conversation. Number one threat to america, and by the sounds of it canada too.

So the final roster is in for this weekend, i can't disclose our start order, mainly cause we don't really have one. Actually Stu is starting for sure, ill probably be off 2nd or 3rd, not sure after that.

Stu "The pain train"Alp
Zach "The Juice" Hughes
Shane "glasses" Hollingshead
Matt "optimum pressure" Paziuk
Andrew "1st or last" Watson
Sue Stephens
Hayden Boucher
Kyle Douglas
"The Kid" not sure who this is, really thats all i know

It will be very tight between us and the monday night something guys, honestly i think it would be back and forth yo yoing between 5 minutes either side, if everyone brought there "A" game and was super serious. And it would come down to a last lap throwdown. So im thinking the goal is to see who has the biggest fun to race ratio, a win is a win, but if the other team has more fun, i think they are the real winners. So it will be quite the balance between the two..... its going to be good. Really looking forward to it.


Haydn said...

Dude I want a cool nickname! And my actual name spelt right!!


Jacob said...

dude, we got ya beat. bringin out ringers at 2 am. we'll be trashing you all night. muahahaha