Friday, August 28, 2009

results are in

Machine made Espresso is better than a stove top. nuff said we'll leave it there. now that thats out of the way.

Stuck to the plan today and headed down to Kelso for some pre ride fun. The trip down sucked, i think every resident of southern ontario was on the 400 series highways.

Chatted with the Ruppels, and Matt before heading out. There wasn't a lot of people there. Actually it was pretty quiet. Two laps solo, then i ran into some other people from barrie, gave them a hard time and made them feel bad for the non carpooling that went on. Jacob was pretty much in teers and dissapeared into the woods to plant trees to make up for it.

Did another lap with Liz, Jacob, Kristen, and Chris, but they kept taking short cuts, I rode a long skinny log only to find there was a 3 foot drop at the end. I opted to not drop off it on my lightweight hardtail. And by the end it was Jacob and I. He railed the first big DH, i railed the second one past the big rock that if you mess up you'll loose your shoulder.

Drove home again got really grumpy with all the fracking traffic, im serious if you live in the GTA you were in your car driving north.

got home had a nap, Starbuck woke me up for dinner(hers) ate, took her for a walk, wore my winter jacket, it was very crisp out. now im on here talking to the 3 of you.

Noah, im with you, Peters 69'er Trek is just not right, we are at war he should pick a wheelsize.

looking forward to not doing to much tommorow, hopefully get out for a decent ride, but it may just be a suck it up and go tommorow.

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