Saturday, August 8, 2009

not to late

so its 6:16 saturday evening and i realized i did not wish DZ and Peter luck this weekend, Zandstra was 6th, and i haven't seen full results yet so by way of logic its not to late to wish peter luck today in Mount Snow. Kill It Pete, im calling you for a just outside the top ten.

good ride today, blew some crabon out, course is good, really fun course to ride and to race except for all the uphill singletrack, it really makes it tough when it comes to lapping, i know mountainview people are pretty defensive about their course, and its a great course but just not when it comes to multi category races. Its the one and only flaw of that place. Ill be the guy in a yellow jersey with #3 on my plate if you need to vent on me.

Anyways dinner time,

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

you are probably spiro tigering and compexing in prep for hte start so ill wish you good luck sir

hopefully the glassford grind has a sign this year