Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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a couple good rides in the books, last night i headed out to the tuesday nighter, the weather was pretty freaky until about 6 but then the sun came out and it was a nice night. Lowest turnout ever of 6, it was really demotivating when your used to more. The wind usually dies down by 8 but it was still howling pretty good on the way in.

Post ride had an awesome brownie that took 30 minutes to eat, Jamie and I planned on doing a nice easy ride up to scope out the new pavement on bass lake sideroad today. Woke up Jamie called and said he couldn't make it, something about having to watch his young children. It was pretty windy so i was hoping to have some company. Oh well, i headed out, and the first thing i noticed was that an hour on the road felt really long. Shortly after i made it to the new pavement. It was nice, i ended up linking up some gravel roads to get to the 10th but it was a nice ride.

playing the next couple days by ear, or by leg i should say, saturday will be a standard pre ride day at Mountainview, followed by chasing fellow ontario riders around in a yellow jersey on sunday.

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