Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mystery solved

So if you remember back I went on about how i don't know how i'm pushing more wattage and going slower in the Time Trials. Compared to a couple years ago.

Well today i wanted to get out there with my measuring stick and check this course out. I drove out and parked along Lakeshore drive in Oro, to cut off some fluff miles, and get down to business. I did a nice loop out to the 11th and up to the course. My first leg was from the turn to the start finish line. Sure enough i got 7.56 km one way.

Now for my workout i wanted to do some tempo so i spun around and did the full course at tempo, got to the finish line 15.12 km an extra 120 meters. And i remember turning right at a farm field entrance but we go past that now. Crunched some numbers and it does seem plausable it was just a shorter course a couple years ago.

Does it matter? no not really but i needed something to do today.

Its still my goal to do a 21:30 before the year is out. May have to convert to the 15 km course. to do it though.

When i got back to my car there were a couple divers standing around talking. I know next to nothing about diving but i could just tell they were blowing smoke.

After that came home checked the weather for kelso tommorow, it said no rain went in the garage changed to small blocks, came in ate dinner checked the weather again to see the temperature for tommorow, sure enough the forecast has changed to a little rain. Kinda bitter about that at the moment.

I needed gels so i went to the new "pumped" store, really thats what its called. Close by so i thought id check it out. Sure enough they don't sell anything unless is has creatine in it or some other sketchy stuff to get you pumped, almost made a smart ass comment but didn't.

Went to running free instead, almost got talked into buying some running shoes, a gel belt and short running shorts. But passed, im not a triathlete yet.

Should be a good show tommorow, Mike wants to regain his mtb glory days, and Peter has never won an ontario cup so i bet hes going to be all elbows tommorow. Juice boy is killing it.

Spak your lazy,

Weather for the next week or so looks good, I'm hearing rumours of a longish ride next weekend.

looking forward to opening a swiss bank account soon

....thats about it for now.

oh oh wait, i forgot to mention my moms failed attempt at making waffles this morning which resulted in the waffle iron being thrown out, after never having made a single edible waffle.

k now im done.


Matt Spak said...

I may be lazy but your dog is fat. Eventually become like your dog. Molly is lazy. Hmmmm what is in the future of Andrew Watson???? Beer Belly?????

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

There may be a good pic depending how sharp your Beautiful Mother was with the camera on Lap 1 or 2 coming just before the finish ... I put mad tonque and funny face on and she seemed to be snapping, please keep me posted on this ... also single speed is likely not to happen tommorow night mostly due to lights and me not liking the dark but we will see.