Saturday, August 15, 2009

my 11-23 and Jamie's hilly ride

Headed out today with Orrin, Robb, Nigel and Jamie to do a loop that Jamie put together. He was very clear in the fact it was hilly. I scoffed and never bothered to switch my 11-26 onto my wheel i was using today. I have ridden all the hills on the ride many times, but never all on the same ride.

The weather was perfect, some may say too hot, im not going to its summer and Im liking it.

After our pit stop in moonstone, we headed down moonstone road to the 9th, Robb "flatted" but when he changed out the tube we couldn't find a hole in it, we came to the conclusion he just wanted to stop.

By the time we hit the top of the 10th line at old barrie, i was done with climbing for the day Luckily its mostly downhill from there.

Post ride bevey's followed by a stop at the shop to give Jeremy a hard time, he wasn't in so i had settle for Brendan, who might i add is playing his second "gig" on september 12th in toronto with his band the Oro sessions.

waiting to hear how matt made out today at mountainview, some more sleep and i get to do another long ride tommorow, hopefully the thunderstorms hold off till later.

"i promised i wouldn't actually publish the quote of the day" sigh

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Astroboy said...

I call shenanigans on the flat. I think it was Orrin's doing. He's definitely responsible for ensuring the tube ended up with a hole in it!