Friday, August 14, 2009

Hunting for berms

So yesterday after much consideration I opted out of a bicycle ride. It can be tough, even Kylie calls me an exercise addict, i disagree, i hate exercising, i just love riding my bike. Really if i could afford some sort of motorcycle it would end my cycling days.

But i enjoyed some pool time, starbuck got in on it too.

Followed by some good eats, a little Battlestar 4.5 and i was asleep getting rested up for the long rides i have planned ahead.

Today, got myself prepped to head to the Copeland forest, near horseshoe valley. Actually its the same property that horseshoe uses for their northern xc ski trails in the winter. I have dabbled in their before but never parked there with the express intent of riding there only. With racing every weekend there hasn't really been time or desire to go for a mtb ride, not to mention our relatively short season, if the trails are open im usually racing. Well with the weekend off I thought this was the perfect time to actually go for an off road bike ride. Yeah crazy i know.

I keep hearing about this bermed downhill, matt talked about it, and in my way in I stopped in at the grocery store in Creighurst to pick up some snacks, and ran into Lesley and Scott and i again heard about these amazing infamous berms. So that was my mission to seek out and ride these berms.

I parked at the north side of the property and had some nice double track to warmup on. started hitting some nice singletrack, i always had a good idea where i was, i recognized all the double track ski trail. I rode a ton, 3 hrs barely on the same trail, and still never hit everything, and no no fracking bermed downhill. Maybe it doesn't actually exist. Running low on fuel, and water, yes i even had my hydro pak on, i headed out to the car. Though looking at the gps map after im pretty sure i know where it could be, a part that i didn't get to ride today, that ill try to hit up next time.

Lots of climbing though almost 9000 feet, but its all pretty good well thought out trail, that isn't just straight up or straight down a fall line.

Up next, tommorow im starting out with a group for a hilly ride to the north, then maybe a little extra. Sunday more of the same Sunday morning club ride. Long endurance rides. It was around this time last year i had my infamous Awenda explosion ride. Id like to avoid that. Then see how the legs feel before finalizing my plans for the rest of the race season.

its 5:30 and starbuck is looking at me i swear she has a watch or can read a clock


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Matt Spak said...

The berms are there, it's kinda like the Gnome Madone. You gotta be in the right place at the right time to find him.

Oh ya nice pool