Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The hunt continues

First off, need to apologize to Haydn "the Hammer" Boucher, i spelt his name wrong and didn't give him a cool nick name. my bad.

moving on headed back out to copeland this evening for a long ride with Matt he said he knew where the super crazy bermed downhill was. I said its on, im going to rail this thing like its no thing.

While i was waiting for Matt i got stung by a wasp, good thing im not allergic.

sure enough couldn't find it. Stopped and asked some guys they said yeah they knew where it was but couldn't explain how to get there. I am 100% sure it does not exist. The goal of the ride was to ride to the 8th line trails and back. So we didn't spend a ton of time looking and headed out onto the 5th toward sugar bush. Had a nice bail early in the ride, hit my bar on a narrow set of trees, ill tell you if they ever ran a world cup in some of this singletrack Kabush would need to stop and cut his bars down in the tech zone. There are numerous trees that are 611 mm apart.

Got into sugar bush had a reall nice bail. Its ok i broke my bikes fall, the FFH is all good. Got into the 8th line trails lights went on, but that 20 mins of dusk was crazy, i couldn't ride in a straight line.

Headed back, and gave my lights a really good run, once it got really dark they were awesome. Hit some nice singletrack on the way back to the cars, and finished up with a little over 3 hours and 42km of mostly singletrack riding. And nothing scary jumped out at me.

i could get used to this mtb riding thing.

Ive compilied some gps data, and i know where i have been and it appears there are still a few more little pockets where there could be trail, next week ill get in there, and bring a backpack full of food and H20 just ride untill i find this fraking downhill, it might take me 8 hours but ill find it.

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