Monday, August 17, 2009

everything has a limit

After the wicked morning ride, i headed back out to Midhurst for a MTB ride with some people. Fun ride, it was still stinking hot out though.

Got home ate some more food, and hit the sack, i woke up at quarter to 11 last night and let Starbuck out and then locked her into the kitchen/living room for the night. Its pretty easy all we do is use a kiddie gate across the walkway into the dining room. Ever since she was puppy she wouldn't walk down the hall infront of the stairs, opting for the long way around. This is nice cause we can still walk through without having to jump over anything, especially good when she had her ACL done and had to be in there. A long story short, last night she suddenly overcame her phobia of the scary basement and walked through. Twice, man she is a crazy crazy dog.

I got up at a good hour and could feel the hot air already pouring in my window, awesome another nice long hilly road ride was in order. I choose to go and ride River Road, i got my powertap all dried out and ready to go so i was feeling good about the day. Once i got 20 minutes away i got the sudden urge to check and make sure my saddle bag was still on. Damn, nope forgot to put it back on after working on my bike in the stand. This pissed me off, rode back, got the bag put it on, and for some reason couldn't bring myself to ride back the same way. So i totally changed my ride plan and headed south instead to Bradford. Then cut west to beeton, and no lsd ride would be complete without some sections of gravel the first piece was super smooth tractor packed road. The second Sector was a little rougher, i just rode the tops, into a headwind, false flat uphill, i felt pretty euro almost took my helmet off.

Turned north along the nottawasaga and started to feel the heat of the day. I realized my route took me past no stores where i could stop and fill up. I wasn't far from home, but i really started to feel funky, the ski was mostly overcast for the morning but when the sun came out it really start to bake especially on the hills.The last section of gravel i hit actually had me off the bike hiking up a steep climb, that kinda sucked. I manged to get home feeling a little iffy, much longer and i would have been in trouble i think.

after drinking two liters of water in 10 minutes and nice chilly shower i felt right as rain. Well almost. good enough to take starbuck out for a walk, the skies are overcast again so its not to bad.

so thats it 4 days of hot humid riding takes its toll, so going to listen to my body and just take it easy. Im going to forego the ride tonight and let Matt and boys go over there last minute plans.

Hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend.

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