Thursday, August 20, 2009

District 9

So got out to see Peter Jacksons new film District 9. awesome. The first 20-30 mins were so so. Kinda choppy the main character was a little annoying. But it really buckled down and gave some good entertainment. Yes some people walked out, some had kids and i could understand that, like i said its not Spielberg or Disney.

But the last 20 minutes were amazing, good action, about 10 little plots all come together. Im not going to tell everyone to go see it, but if you want something different, see it. Both Krista who is hard to please film wise and myself really liked it.

If you want cookie cutter hollywood garbage stay home and just rent cookie cutter hollywood garbage.

followed this up by us getting drenched in the storm as it rolled through town just getting back to the car.

Out to dinner which i made the mistake of making another bet wagering my mustache. I lost again. Our server was very kind to settle it.

getting geared up for the 24 things are falling into place.

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