Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bass Lake Wednesday's

Yep, just like last wednesday i ended up riding the new bass lake pave. This time i hit it westbound though. Not as fun, mainly cause its uphill for the most part that way. Still highly enjoyable ride though. I think there are already tire grooves from all the cyclists that have ridden that road since it was paved a couple weeks ago.

Backing up, Monday after the post ontario race cleanup, i had a pretty chill afternoon, headed to starbucks on the fixie for a coffee break with Matt, well he was on a break, I was just killing time.

Before heading to Midhurst to lay down some smack on Molly and the boys. Molly was no match for my late season form. Not even with her cheat lines. Were getting closer to solving all the worlds problems at those rides i tell you. Actually the mood did change when the 24 hour came up, already lots of strategy talk, and it has nothing to do with rider ability. One strategy is sending Ben out first with instruction to do a 90 corner and t-bone Stu 100 meters into the race. Which would totally clear the benches, and we'd be forced to settle it there and then. We'll see.

Yesterday similar day with an evening ride, starting to build up a cross bike to sell with some parts i have laying around, know anyone wanting a 52 (smallish) cross bike?

Then met up with the usual core group of tuesday nighters, we hit bass lake eastbound, but cut down the 7th, daylight restriction, and not sure if people would be cool with a couple km of gravel. Good news is that summer has appeard, and it was the first ride i did without taking my armwarmers with me. So that was good.

This morning I, in good Matt P fashion, eased into my day, we had some guests over last night so a nice breakfast was in order. Followed by Mazda 3 vs Mazda 6 smack talk.

got home from the ride and immediatly assembled a turkey fryer from walmart, it had the absolute worst instructions every. But i got it together and it didn't explode, made some sick chicken wings.

the matt p thing reminded me this was the list that was given to Matt about what Women Want, this came from a Aussie 4x'er so it could be skewed one way or another,

What Australian girls like...

- Motocross (no shirt)
- Sailing
- A bit of wine
- Bit of muscle
- Bit metro
- Facial hair ok
- Nice mix of collars and t-shirts
- Able to wheelie!
- Some scars
- Wicked watch, several of them
- Wicked sunglasses, several
- Shoes should be decent but not a huge deal
- One pair of dress shoes that are good with jeans, pointy if you are cool with it
- Easy to eat food on the first date
- Not tooo good a first date, hard to follow up
- Exciting date, like rock climbing

Up next, just going to put in some LSD miles, my legs are feeling like a break from intensity for a little bit.

"What dya hear Starbuck"

"Nothing but the rain"
Yeah best show ever

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