Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to being friends

Just got home from a very pleasant monday night singlespeed ride. with the 24 hour behind us we were able to be quite civil with each other. Other than the usual, calling each other out on taking "wussy" lines and stuff.

On the advice of Jube we found some new trail, which was nice for a change. 8:15 rolled around and the lights were burning.

It was nice to be able to roll along flat trail with little effort, As opposed to pushing some serious watts at albion in the "tacky" conditions. That was the word of the day this past weekend. I think i heard it about 546 times in the transition tent.

Matt posted some good pics from the weekend on his blog. Be sure to note the big grin on Cory's face, im pretty sure he was in league with the guys on that one.

On another note, i'd like to pass on a link to a tv show i was told to watch on Animal Planet. I dont' get the channel but you can find the episodes online. The show is called whale wars. Its pretty crazy, coles notes of it is, this guy Paul Watson. no relation that i know of. Broke off from green peace and is a little more aggresive. Forms up the sea sheppards names a boat the Steve Irwin, and goes after Japaneese Commercial whalers, of sorry they are killing them for "scientific research"......but then selling the meat.

Commercial whaling is technically illegal, but countries are still allowed to kill whales for "research", and sell off the meat. Each country can make its own quota for the year. The japanese quota is close to a thousand.

The latest episodes is pretty crazy, on film they get the whalers harpooning a whale, killing it and cutting it up all in about 30 minutes. really hits hard. anyways, check it out.

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