Saturday, August 1, 2009

20 hours out

So a little less than a day until the bromont world cup. My ride today left me feeling less than awesome. I was getting some funny body feelings when i was opening it up. Probably as it was my first intensity all week, but still i thought i was having an asthma attack, when i don't have asthma. Good news is im riding everything really cleanly. I think the multiple laps over the years has helped.

The word is in 7 laps. I never did a full race pace lap so i don't know what that means for me. But it sounds long to me. Which is funny as the UCI wanted to make these races shorter. Its weird and they always make the hard muddy races the longest and the fast dry races the shortest, there seems to be something messed about that.

I have some Kenda Nevegals all set up and ready to go, im actually looking forward to riding them if it rains they are sick tires.

had a nap, it was good, Matt rode a 29er a bunch today, he might be walking home.

Belt drive 29er Norco singlespeed has caught my eye.

i'd like to use what Kylie said as a quote of the day but i just can't

im already looking forward to getting home and putting some miles in on my road bike. Im thinking around the lake sooner rather than later, and maybe river road. questions for the 8 ball.

also start doing some long CTS prep rides. Still working on negotiations with Matt P to partner up with, hes asking for some heafty start money, we'll see what we can work out.

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