Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So its tuesday afternoon, just finished getting my espresso machine back in action, im not sure why i waited so long something about carrying it up the stairs just kept me from it.

yesterday as i was getting unpacked and organized, i looked out and saw the foxes(Rommel and Erwin) were back in the schoolyard. With the construction going on and no one walking through there, they must feel pretty safe to come out and just chill in the sun. Its pretty amazing how quickly nature can come back to an area as soon as people leave it. I tried to get closer by getting outside but they saw me and bolted.

Another piece of wildlife news is that the robins that made a nest on the back deck are having there 3rd set of hatchlings/little birds/ not sure what they are called. Again, im still surprised how trusting they are of us, our bbq is right under the nest, i climb up and take pics, we have dinner out there, and they just chill and never dive bomb us or anything. I'm sure putting up the stove piping to keep the coons at bay helped.

back to human stuff, last night i rolled out to midhurst to ride with the guys (and tammy) Tammy got an e-mail from her coach saying she didn't have to warmup or cooldown for the ride. Which may or may not have been cause i chirped Peter pretty good about it. We had a good time, super chill ride, until the end when all hell broke loose and i was havine Nam style flashbacks to saturday but instead of chasing Kabush and McGrath I was chasing Scott Irwin on a singlespeed at about 135 rpm through fast singletrack. It was kinda crazy. i dont' want to brag or anything but I took it.

Today i ventured out to pick up some new batteries for my HR monitor. I headed to walmart where i find that prices have shot up again for batteries. The one i needed used to be like 3 bucks now a year later and it was 6.50. WTF, i know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter but seriously. With the powertap i burn through batteries pretty quick, (yes this is a rant) so i said f this and remebered that the source used to have a deal where if you pay a little extra you get like a warranty with the battery. I never used to take it as the math never worked out. So i decided to stop in and see, they still had the deal so we'll see how it works out. Basically its less than 3 bucks a battery for a generic brand instead of duracell. So the test will be if the battery lasts more than half as long.

Twitter is buzzing with excitment about the tuesday nighter tonight may have to classify it as the tuesday night olympics, bump it up a notch. really just looking to catch up on the past week with folks.

i apologize for the lack of quote of the days, im just not remembering what people say anymore.

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